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ScreenShot of Mrafq by Yalla Apps Developed by alisaffar Mrafq Free apps it is available in both Languages Arabic and English. Includes Useful Numbers in Saudi Arabia (as the ministries - embassies - Hotels - Car Rental - Tourist Offices - Emergency - Hospital - universities), includes the area (Dammam - Riyadh - Jeddah).
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Business Cards

ScreenShot of Business Cards by PrimordialCode ** important ** due to a known problem of the Marketplace if you are using the Trial version, before upgrading to a new version you will need to perform a backup of your data following the instruction you can find at this link: After the upgrade you will need to restore your data. Business Cards is your digital business cards classifier application: Is your desk full of contact and business cards of the places you've been (like good restaurants) or the people you work with? How many times you whished to have all your contact cards with you just to find the right person or the right place to go when you are out with friends? Are you tired of bringing with you piles of paper? 'Business cards' was mainly created to tide up your desk and have all...
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aKite Mobile

ScreenShot of aKite Mobile by aKite aKite Mobile provides a simple way to check the trend of your stores. With akite Mobile you can see, in a graphical way, the sales of your stores in the last 12 months, last 8 weeks and last 7 days. You can check the stock in all the stores of your chain, see the sales of a specific product in the last 7 days and the sales forecast of the next 7 days. The application is designed to work in conjunction wit the main product aKite.
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ScreenShot of NameCardBank by RainbowHat Application: Name Card Bank Introduction Now you can keep all your name cards in your phone and flip through all of them easily with this application! Why use Name Card Bank? Very soon you will be able to store all your contacts and categories them, it easy to access & find the contacts you need! Everything just in your Windows Phone! How to use Select capture & insert the details of the card. It would then be stored in your phone where it can be viewed by pressing the view button at the main page Next Update -More Fields for keying in more details on name card -Categories Contacts -Search function(Maybe)
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ScreenShot of ShopNewOrders by Didier Berlioz ShopNewOrders is made for Magento ecommerce shop administrators. With ShopNewOrders they can simply check the new orders made on their shop. Your shop has to be built on Magento Ecommerce Platform. Simply check if you can access If yes, then your shop is compatible. ShopNewOrders can handle several shops. Simply add you shop details : login, password, shop url and a name. And that's it. You can then access the new orders view.
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Android Banking 3.0.2

ScreenShot of Android Banking 3.0.2 by Jeff Peiffer Manage bank accounts from your phone. Supports: * American Express (beta) * BB&T (No Bill Pay) * Chase * Fifth Third (No Bill Pay) * Huntington * PNC Features: * Save Login * Pay Bills * View Balances / Transactions * Transfer Money
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Calorie Counter 1.12.0

ScreenShot of Calorie Counter 1.12.0 by Unknown A simple tool to find all the Calorie and Nutrition Facts for the foods you eat. UPDATED February 11: New "RDI" feature calculates your Recommended Daily Intake to achieve your goal weight. Enhancements to search, sync and navigation. More coming soon...
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Zillow Real Estate 1.0.6

ScreenShot of Zillow Real Estate 1.0.6 by Zillow See Zestimate home values, homes for sale, homes for rent, and more. Use voice search feature, plus GPS, to search for homes as you talk, walk or drive. -See Zestimate value of any home -Filters on home type, price, beds, and more -Search by voice, GPS, or type in an address -View homes curbside with Google Street View
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Birthday Reminder 1.1.9

ScreenShot of Birthday Reminder 1.1.9 by  Thomas Kuenneth Organizes birthdays. To assign birthday date press menu and select Set birthday date. Then pick contact.
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Mydays!------for your GF 0.6

ScreenShot of Mydays!------for your GF 0.6 by Christian – Albert – Mueller A full month calender where you can see all your special days (”My Days”) in an graphical overview. Just with a fingertip you are able to add a new “Start of Period”. Now all upcoming Periods and Days of highest fertility are calculated for the Future. It is just safer to plan your next holiday or trip, knowing if you will have your days in that time or not. Maybe you are planing to make your baby while you are in vacation, just have a look if your Ovulation happens in that time. . Extras: You may not only Track your Period, its easy now to keep in Mind when you had last Time Sex or when you took your Pill. All this additional Informations make it comfortable to have all important days tracked with your Mobile Phone.
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