Round Clock 2005 3.0: Atomic alarm clock with digital or round view. Sends emails and plays sounds.

Round Clock 2005 3.0

Atomic alarm clock with digital or round interface. As event reminder it lets you conveniently manage your important dates and times. Supports user-selected clock skins in BMP, GIF, JPG, WMF formats, sends e-mail notifications and plays sounds. Displays animated alarm icon on the taskbar.

digital, time, clock, atomic, round, reminder, alarm, manager

Chronos Clock 5.01.26: Powerful Desktop clock with multiple clocks,Timezones. Alarms, Speaking Clock

Chronos Clock 5.01.26

If you would like to keep track of time around the world... Chronos Clock is for you !! Whether it`s business, family or chat friends, Chronos Clock, is the perfect program. Chronos...The clock that`s able to display multiple clocks with different time zones. Other features include a powerful alarm system, countdown/event timers, calender, time synchronization and spoken announcements using Windows SAPI or the Microsoft Agent.

chronos clock, time sync, calendar, alarms, chronos, time zone, desktop clock, alarm clock, time zones, speaking clock, time converter, alarm, timers

Timekeeper 1.44.0: Display date and time on desk band and display a pop-up calendar with a click.

Timekeeper 1.44.0

This Windows deskband tool displays the date and time in any format or color you wish. It also provides a resizable, pop-up calendar at the touch of the mouse.

windows, time, date, deskband, calendar, system tray, freeware, clock, shell, taskbar

TitleBarClock Pro 7.2: Display Day Time Date Month Year FreeMem DriveSpace on right side of TitleBar.

TitleBarClock Pro 7.2

Displays Day Time Date Month Year FreeDriveSpace and Megabytes of free physical memory on the right side of the title bar in any main window that has the mouse or keyboard focus. All outputs are optional. 12 or 24 hour formats. Enables user to display clock in any order or fashion. Choose your own clock display colors. Atomic Time sync. Desktop clock. Popup Calendar. Supports 9 languages. Your one time purchase entitles you to all future updates.

month, date, time, space, memory, drive, shutdown, clock, year

VMeisoft Alarm Timer VMeisoft Alarm Timer

VMeisoft Alarm Timer

Are you often forget some things or fear of missing something important, VMeisoft Alarm Timer only need to click the mouse, you can achieve reminders. VMeisoft Alarm Timer can play music reminder, you can also pop up dialog box to remind you. You can also import your own music, as long as the file contains sound information can be used as prompts music.

vmeisoft, timer, alarm

Jumbo Timer 2.4: Resizable desktop timer: Count Down, Stopwatch or Alarm Clock mode

Jumbo Timer 2.4

Jumbo Timer is a powerful desktop timer program. The timer windows can be resized from tiny to full screen. Count Down, Stopwatch or Alarm Clock mode. Unlimited timers with cloning function. Timer can be paused and resumed later. Alarm can play an audio file (wav, mp3, wma) or speak the timer title. Adjustable color schemes. Global hotkeys. Hidden (system tray) mode. Optional display of days and 1/10 seconds.

desktop, timer, alarm clock, clock, stopwatch, alarm, countdown, count down

Elprime Clock Pro 2.5: Analog clock for your desktop transparent both in Win 98/Me and Vista/XP/2000/NT

Elprime Clock Pro 2.5

Elprime Clock Pro is a skinable analog clock, transparent both in Windows Vista/XP/2000 and Windows 95/98/Me. It can automatically disappear when you move the mouse cursor over it, saving a lot of space on your desktop. Elprime Clock Pro allows you to synchronize time with Atomic Clock and Local Area Network. It also has an advanced alarm scheduler, skin editor and handy calendar.

skins, time, atomic, desktop, calendar, analog, clock, transparent, alarm, scheduler

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