AB-Clock Enhanced clock for the Windows taskbar with date, calendar, system monitor, ...


AB-Clock is the indispensable tool for your desktop. At last the clock in your Windows taskbar shows the current date. Additionally, with AB-Clock you keep ahead because of the integrated system and download monitor. Calendar, alarms, world time clock and much more let AB-Clock become an efficient helper in the everyday life with the PC.

system, time, downloadmonitor, windows, abclock, desktop, world, tray, monitor, systemmonitor, ab clock, watch, alarm

TimeOrg TimeOrg is a time organizer with many features


You can set up to 35 alarms with text note, default or custom sounds (mp3, wav, ogg, wma), or even text-to-speach(en) option to read alarm notes, schedule to run any file, shutdown, estart, or logoff computer at specified time.TimeOrg, can automatically change wallpaper, capture and save screenshots, backup file, able to check if a specified web page have changed/updated. Note: Not any web page may be check successfully. And much more...

wallpaper, shutdown, time, clock, desktop, alarm, idle, calendar

RSI Prevention 2.1: RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) Prevention for PC users

RSI Prevention 2.1

RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) Prevention for PC users - a computer program that is user friendly, easy to install and configure. It reminds PC users of when to take a short break - every 10 min, 30 min and 60 min (these intervals are configurable). To prevent RSI from occurring or getting worse, PC users need to take regular short breaks during which they can rest their eyes, neck, arms and hands, and perform some simple stretching exercises.

rsi break reminders, rsi prevention

Liva Notes Digital stickers with nice design

Liva Notes

Liva Notes is desktop stickers. It allows you to write down your notes quickly and easily, allows to place your stcikers on the desktop in expanded or constricted states, have nice design (there is 12 exclusive themes for you!) and safe notes storage. Every stickers can be pinned firmly to the desktop and remain visible even if all windows has been minimized. You can also create backup copies and transfer your stcikers via backup mechanism.

sticker gadget, digital notes, desktop notes, stickers, digital stickers, liva notes, organizer, desktop stickers

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