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Dice Thrower

ScreenShot of Dice Thrower by junky4ever A handy tool if you don't have any dices with you ;)
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Zen Garden

ScreenShot of Zen Garden by Soothr Zen Garden allows you to create your own digital rock garden. Simply drag your finger across the screen to rake the sand. Choose between 3 different rake types, or add some stones to your garden and drag them into place. Adjust the size of objects using the standard two finger gesture to ensure the perfect fit into your garden. You can perform up to 10 undo actions to ensure you get your garden looking just right. Export your completed garden as a JPG image into your media library.
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ScreenShot of Prankster! by umnum Classic Pranks on your new Phone! Prankster includes: Pull my finger Air Horn Whoopee Cushion Chirping Crickets Now, go impress and pester your friends!
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Relax You

ScreenShot of Relax You by Ehhou If you are tired of bustle and hustle of the city, if insomnia is your "friend" or if you just want to relax, than Relax You is exactly what you need. Thanks to Relax You, you can enjoy 13 relaxing sounds and 8 tranquil melodies skillfully chosen specially for you. You can change their volume, listen them separately or together and even with your own music! Watch what users say about Relax You Lite: ★★★★★ "Helps me sleep" ★★★★★ "Works great." ★★★★★ "Hey oh my goodness! This app is soo cool I really like the thunder and if u wana make it a heavy storm mix the rain with it. But I just wanted to say very nice job I'm really pleased and impressed thanks:)" ★★★★☆ "Great variety of sounds and I love that you can...
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Pocket Bird

ScreenShot of Pocket Bird by Teemu Lahteenmaki Ever listened to your local birds, wanting to sing back to them? Ever had the instant urge to produce birdy sounds to confuse your cat or amuse your friends? If so, Pocket Bird is your answer. Usage is simple: 1. Move your finger on the screen to control sound volume and pitch. If you keep the phone level, it resembles a Theremin with sine waveform. 2. Tilt the phone to add vibrato. Tilting to different directions controls both vibrato rate and extent. 3. You can use up to 4 fingers – the monophonic sound will quickly rotate like an arpeggio trough the tones indicated by your fingers. 4. This avian app is naturally inhabited by an animated bird that reacts to the sounds you are playing. 5. There is now a toggle for activating an oscilloscope for viewing played wave form. Trial is fully...
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ScreenShot of LSaber by Adam Szert Turn your device into a light saber! Tap the hilt to activate the saber, then you can choose sound effects with the two buttons on the sides of the screen.
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ScreenShot of MultiDice by Strix Studios With this simple application you can simulate few basic types of dices. You can choose between 3,4,6 and 10 sided dices. Just simply select desired type of dice and shake your phone to get a number.
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Stun Gun Unleashed

ScreenShot of Stun Gun Unleashed by Appsdev Stun Gun Power at your fingertips... Finally, you can feel the FULL UNLEASHED STUN GUN POWER of the gods in the palm of your hand...with Stun Gun Unleashed! Generate 1 Million Volts* of pure electricity at the touch of a button, shock your friends with the raw energy created with this amazing looking app. Featuring the 2 most awesome, powerful Stun Guns found anywhere on Windows Marketplace. BRUTUS: Unmatched Power. If it's brute force power you need, the Brutus is the Stun Gun for you! This beast will create a virtual lightning storm at your fingertips. GOLIATH: Dual Shockpower. The name says it all, this giant of a Stun Gun with it's twin power generators will send shockwaves through your whole body! Can you handle... Download Stun Gun Now!
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Everything Lenny Kravitz

ScreenShot of Everything Lenny Kravitz by Steven Elbery Having you been searching for a SMOKING HOT Lenny Kravitz to keep you updated on his every move? If you like daily news about LK's rockstar life, this app is for you! Get the latest Lenny Kravitz content streamed directly to your fingertips! So what does this SUPER COOL Lenny Kravitz app have to offer you?? -Exclusive info on Lenny Kravitz Tour Dates & Concert Tickets -All of your favorite Lenny Kravitz Lyrics -Massive amounts of Lenny Kravitz Pictures -Direct view of Lenny Kravitz Twitter.Tweets -View of Lenny's Facebook Fan Page -Lenny Kravitz Wallpapers & Ringtones -Daily Lenny Kravitz News and much more. -Bonus Content too unique to disclose!! Don't miss out on another Lenny Kravitz Concert or New Topic because you didn't have access to this app! Download your FREE copy of this...
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Voice Chat

ScreenShot of Voice Chat by BrilliSoft, LLC Voice Chat is an artificial intelligence chat-bot. Have fun with Voice Chat’s bot, Eve, by having an informal chat and talking to her as you would to a friend. Although Eve isn't very book smart, she knows a lot and will surprise you with some of her questions and answers ;-). You’ll have a lot of fun discovering what kinds of questions she can answer… Features in version 2.0… • Chat-bot mode, allowing you to have an informal chat with Eve • She has a really witty personality! • Speech recognition is excellent. It works better when you speak slowly and clearly • You can type your questions too • Silent mode available (answers are also displayed on-screen) • Just added Chinese text/voice input and output (Chinese voice input and output...
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