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Curse of the Cortes Stone

ScreenShot of Curse of the Cortes Stone by Vela Entertainment Studios The Wraith, Shadowflame, and Johnny Saturn spring forth from their own independent series' for an adventure only the three of them could possibly dare face! Battling against Aztekoth, The Wraith soon encounters an evil unlike any he has ever faced before - Orcus! An evil so pronounced, so powerful, that the fate of not only the world, but all existence is at stake. Soon joined by his fellow heroes, the trio battle as best they can against a galactic threat that will require the gathering of all Earth's champions to combat.
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ScreenShot of DailyTarot by PTLord For your Daily Tarot Reading. Think about your problem or question, concentrate on a number, input that number and shuffle times that number. This makes your daily Tarot Reading a personal thing. A site with all the card explanations is included. Never was your Daily Tarot Reading this easy and at your fingertips.
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ScreenShot of RandomDices by Cricchio This simple app gives you the chance to challenge luck by throwing from one to two dices.
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ScreenShot of ElectrumDeusPure by Voodoo Craft New features in 2.1 : - Added clock mode. This is the pure electrum deus experience ! No Ads ! The electrons smarten up for the occasion, they now draw images when they get bored. You can also order them to draw whatever pleases you. Be the master of electrons with this gorgeous particle simulator. You have the power of the Electrum Deus in your fingers, watch electrons react as you create multiple vortexes and explosions ! Feast your eyes upon the glowing shapes your minions will draw on the pulsating electric fog. Without a doubt the most beautiful particle simulator on the market. Multi touch support allows you to create multiple vortexes at any time. Sound effects add to the strangely relaxing atmosphere and emphasize your godly taps and swipes.
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ScreenShot of Dice3D by GARVIS Solutions The 3D simulation of game dices (up to 6 dices) that can substitute real dices during playing board games. It can be used as a stand alone game as well. The players can store their scores and compare each other. The trial version is limited by 30 throws.
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ScreenShot of WLighter by Yalla Apps Developed by Hüseyin Ekmekci The most real and authentic lighter in your pocket! Choose your favorite style and show it off! Just flick your wrist to open the lighter Features: - Open the lid, flick and get the flame! - A library of themes with exquisitely designed skins. - Vivid sound effect. - Flame sensitive to motion and touch. for more information visit send us feedback :
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Koi Pond

ScreenShot of Koi Pond by Corpria New In Version 1.6: - Improved Graphics and menus!! - Lily Pads can be added to the pond. - Feed the Koi by shaking the phone. - Koi will flee away from waves caused by your finger. - Attract Koi to your finger by pressing in the same place for at least two seconds. - Showing Ads gives the Koi more food. Koi Pond turns your Windows Phone into a relaxing pond with Koi fish swimming around. There are many types of Koi that swim in the pond and you can choose from 4 different backgrounds for your Koi Pond. Interactive: Move your finger around on the surface to create waves. Move slowly to see larger waves. You can use 4 fingers to create different waves. Touch near to the Koi to scare them. Touch and hold to attract them to your finger. Feel them nibble your finger. Place Lily...
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Side 9 - ScreenClean

ScreenShot of Side 9 - ScreenClean by Ekstra Bladet Watch how these cute bikini girls wash your phone screen. Share the wallpapers with your friends or use them as you background screen.
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