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Vincent Price 22

ScreenShot of Vincent Price 22 by Vela Entertainment Studios One of classic Hollywood's most famous scary men, Vincent Price made a name for himself in classic mysteries and thrillers throughout the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Now Vincent Price Presents comes to Bluewater Productions as their 1st ongoing monthly series. The series will feature some of Prices’s films as well as developing new frightening ones with his estate. Welcome back to the macabre world of Vincent Price.
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ScreenShot of AnimalTalks by ARTEK What would your voice sound like, if you were a peacock, a chimpanzee, a cat or a tiger? Simply choose the animal you wish and speak. Listen again, you may not recognize it's you who talk!
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1000 Sexy Girls HD

ScreenShot of 1000 Sexy Girls HD by Bottomless More than 1000 gorgeous women! Imagine if a year had more than 1000 days instead of only 365: you would have a bigger sexy calendar to browse! Discover the hottest and most beautiful women, and save your favorite girl to your phone as wallpaper! Enjoy!
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Nanny & Hank - Volume 3

ScreenShot of Nanny & Hank - Volume 3 by Vela Entertainment Studios The critically acclaimed mini-series mixing horror and heart from AICN Comics writer Mark L. Miller gets collected! Nanny & Hank are ready for their golden years, but a blood-drunk vampire turns their life upside down! Now the elderly pair must deal with becoming creatures of the night and take care of their ornery grandkids, too!
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The First Girl

ScreenShot of The First Girl by Vela Entertainment Studios Sylvia Mark is just another a thirteen year-old girl who feels separated from her peers. It is more than the fact that she has been moved up two grades and is sometimes freakishly strong -- she also feels incomplete and she has weird dreams night after night that seem to be harbingers of something dark. What Sylvia doesn't know is that she's just one of one hundred girls bred as part of a genetics experiment that gives normal humans extraordinary powers. Thirteen years ago, four girls were kidnapped and sent to families around the country to be raised and Sylvia is determined to find out why...
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ScreenShot of SeeBP by PilcrowAppDev Cheat your friends easily with this close-to-real BP monitor. Give your friends your phone and tell them to check their BP using this application. Laugh hard at their expression - better to have a camera already filming them - when they (application) "break" your phone. Remember to use a quiet place where your friend can focus real hard on the application.
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ScreenShot of Bokko by Quoc Doan One of hottest comic of MangaFox Comic. Author(s): Mori Hideki, Sakemi Kenichi You have to download data from my server. The approximate size of data is 235 MB. I hope you will enjoy it :).
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Baby Blues Comic Tile

ScreenShot of Baby Blues Comic Tile by App Rabbit Receive the Baby Blues comic daily on a homescreen live tile. Collect yout favorite comics and share them with friends!
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NASA Image of the Day

ScreenShot of NASA Image of the Day by avillier See the Latest and Greatest from NASA and view their mind blowing daily images. This app provides a direct link so you can view the amazing images from NASA.
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Vincent Price 32

ScreenShot of Vincent Price 32 by Vela Entertainment Studios “The Dunkirk Horror”. Surrounded by the Nazi war machine, Captain Armitage must lead his troops against the unholy terror that lurks off the shores of Dunkirk in order to save the King's army from utter destruction.
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