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Tile Painter

ScreenShot of Tile Painter by Mark H Create your own custom tiles for your home screen. You can paint your own design and use images from your phone. Then set a custom action for your tile. You can design both the front and the back of your tile. Tile Painter shows you a preview so you will know exactly how your creation will look on your home screen. And it allows you to save and edit all of your artwork. Update 1.1 - Added text feature - Added delete to open menu - Added WiFi settings to action menu Update 1.2 - Fixed trial mode
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Metro Pan Pipes

ScreenShot of Metro Pan Pipes by NeRo Metro Pan Pipes is a simple keyboard imitating app that plays sounds of a standard pan pipes. Play and compose Your own music directly on Your Windows Phone. Keyboard keys are very nicely animated so they give You an impression of real keys.
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ScreenShot of SexyGirlsLists by Norihito Kawabata The newest sexy girl's picture is displayed. A sexy picture can be saved at your cellular phone. A sexy picture is displayed at random. Please restart an application to see other sexy girls' picture, Please Try It!!
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Coloring Book - Mix II

ScreenShot of Coloring Book - Mix II by JOJO Mobile sp. z o.o. This application lets you color cartoons as you like. Every child can chose from a group of cartoons and play with them.This is a perfect game for busy parents and their children. We know that this phone is not only for adults :) Main features: * Picture selection * Color selection * Finger drawing * Picture saving * Language selection
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Beetle Bailey Comic Tile

ScreenShot of Beetle Bailey Comic Tile by App Rabbit Receive the Beetle Bailey comic daily on a homescreen live tile. Collect your favorite comics and share them with friends!
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Hot or Not Scanner

ScreenShot of Hot or Not Scanner by Reflection IT If you want the cold, hard truth about how you look, don't ask your friends. Ask your Windows Phone. Use the Augmented Reality scan of your friends faces and then analyzes their facial structure in real-time. Once the app is done scanning, it delivers a score on a 10-point scale. Lots of fun! While scanning you can manipulate (cheat) the score by moving your finger on the scanner to the left for lower score or to the right for a higher score. Double tap the scan to cancel the cheat. Flick the scans to browse them all. Save a scan to the photo hub or upload it to Facebook.
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ScreenShot of FunkyPiano by Yalla Apps Developed by Aleem Akhtar Enjoy the classical Piano with new sounds of animals and farts.
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WoW Guide Pro

ScreenShot of WoW Guide Pro by a4w Your professional World of Warcraft Video Guide. Trial-Mode is fully functional! Watch 138 WoW related videos that take your char to the max: * Raids & Dungeons Guides * Professions: power leveling, tips, making gold in no time * Reputation Guides TRIAL VERSION: Fully functional but displays sometimes banner ads and a nag screen. Windows Phone 7.5 MANGO: Now with Support for true HD videos on youtube mobile! HISTORY: 1.0 - release; 101 initial videos in collection
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Classic Stand Up

ScreenShot of Classic Stand Up by JEDIWalker Ever wanted to just laugh? Carry a bunch of the best stand up comedians around with you in your pocket and fire up this app anytime you need a laugh! ★★★★★ "Love this App" ★★★★★ "I howled, awesome!" ★★★★★ "What a great app!" Constantly updated with new clips featuring classic standups in action!
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Voice Answer

ScreenShot of Voice Answer by BrilliSoft, LLC Voice Answer is the new generation artificial intelligence answer- and chat-bot, on your Windows Phone. Ask it any question and it will answer you. You can type your questions or you can speak them. Voice Answer doesn’t point you to a whole bunch of websites that you need to read through, like search engines do. Instead, her answers are concise and intelligent. She speaks her answers and displays them on the screen, complete with diagrams where useful. Features in version 1.3…  Voice Answer uses AI and is partially powered by Wolfram|Alpha  Speech recognition is excellent. It works better when you speak slowly and clearly  You can also type your questions  Select long, short, or no spoken answers (the last for silent mode)  There is a chatbot mode, if you want ...
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