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Accurate Tuner Pro

ScreenShot of Accurate Tuner Pro by Asinulus FREE TRIAL WITH NO TIME LIMIT! Needle and stroboscope chromatic instrument tuner. The needle enables fast and comfortable rough tuning, while two optional stroboscopic animations facilitate fine tuning. Both methods are used at the same time, so it’s not necessary to choose one of them. Detected notes are shown on a musical staff. Adjustable sensitivity will help in not so quiet environments. FREE TRIAL VERSION FEATURES - Fully working needle and strobe tuner with no time limit, supported by ads - Strobe accuracy: +/- 0.5 cent - Needle accuracy: 5th octave: +/- 0.2 cent, 6th octave: +/- 1 cent, 0th octave: +/- 6 cents - Range: A0 – B6 The tuner is able to measure tones in the 0th and 1st octaves for some harmonically very rich instruments only, as common phone microphones are not...
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ScreenShot of TouchMe by Ryan Lan  AG Touch the lovely girls' key parts you want to see,then their clothes can be taken off! You will see their underwear and sexy body! Please move your fingers slowly and smoothly as possible for the best effect. Works offline! No internet/roaming required,so you can touch these chicks anywhere!
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ScreenShot of PianoPhone7 by JEFBCreating PianoPhone7 is a great mini-piano for your Windows Phone 7. Simply select your octave with arrows and play with real sounds of piano! Have fun with multitouch!!! In V1.2 Update we've : *** Enhanced sound quality *** Updated the App to Mango ********************************************** You love our Apps? Please visit : or join us on Facebook :
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TV Trivia

ScreenShot of TV Trivia by Kevin Meehan There are trivia questions for The Simpsons, Family Guy, Two and a Half Men and NCIS. These trivia questions will be scored and the scores are available from the main screen of the application.
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ScreenShot of Screams by kwiatoslaw21 Play frightening screams and scare friends,. It's easy and effective.
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ScreenShot of PreCalculus by RealSimpleEdu.Com ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ WAGmob: Over 350,000 paying customers from 175+ countries. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for Pre-Calculus. The app helps you understand the basics in a nice and organized manner. Features include tutorials, quizzes, flashcards and more. App is continuously updated based on your feedback. App tools include search, bookmark, and facebook integration. Includes following tutorials: Complex Numbers, Functions, Functions and Their Graphs, Piece Wise and Step Wise Functions, Linear Functions, Rational Functions, Exponents and Logarithms, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Limits and Continuity, Derivatives and Limits, Trigonometry Summary, Graphing Trigonometric Functions, Polar Coordinates, Transformations...
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Metronome 7

ScreenShot of Metronome 7 by David Lynch A full featured and accurate metronome designed to help musicians learn to recognize and keep good time. FEATURES: ♪ Sample accurate timing ♪ Tempos from 20 to 280 bpm ♪ Supports simple, complex, additive, irregular and clave meters ♪ Displays a visual representation of the beat count ♪ 5 CD quality percussion sounds to choose from ♪ Tap to set tempo ♪ Plays subdivisions, which make it easy to hear and count complex meters
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Color Island

ScreenShot of Color Island by Apps2Infinity Software Color Island is a fun and simple escape from your day or something to keep your kids busy on a long road trip. This app features coloring, connect the dots, and color by number pages with varying levels of detail making it entertaining for adults and children alike. Use your fingertip just like a crayon to make smooth lines on the screen or use the fill tool to quickly tap out the colors. With plenty of colors to choose from and multiple brush sizes, those fingers are sure to keep busy!
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Girls Vegas Justine & Charity

ScreenShot of Girls Vegas Justine & Charity by Town Pleasures Free Full 2 Day Trial - Girls Vegas Justine & Charity - GORGEOUS, HOT and SEXY WOMEN in LAS VEGAS are calling your name! Did you ever say, “Where are the strip clubs in this town and how far away?” Well now you can have the answer with one touch lookup, saving you time and headaches from weeding out an internet search. A comprehensive clean list is provided along with a location map, name of the establishment, phone number and address with a new ‘closest’ button to find a place near you! The following categories make it a snap to find what you are looking for: • Alternative Lifestyles • Lingerie Shops • Massage • Pool Clubs • Ranches • Retail Stores • Strip Shows • Gentlemen Clubs * • Strip Clubs * Search on a street...
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ScreenShot of MetronomeTuner by Indigo Bunting Solutions Keep the beat with Indigo Bunting's metronome/tuner. Looks and sounds like the real thing! Adjust the time setting by dragging the weight on the stick, give it a flick and start playing! Range is from 40 to 240 beats per minute. You can also set the tempo by tapping on the tap button in succession. Select and customize several time signatures. Use the included tuner to play a simple tone anywhere on the treble or bass clef to tune your voice or instrument. Tap anywhere on the right side of the staff to play that note. Tap or flick up and down in the signature area to choose among all major and minor scales! Having the application with you at all times makes it a great tool for you and your students! Version 1.5 adds customizeable time signatures. Just tap on the time signature to change it...
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