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My Stocks

ScreenShot of My Stocks by W3Force My Stocks is a simple and fast performing app which helps to keep track of favorite stocks with live tile support and also helps to manage investment portfolio. Stock tracking with watch lists: My Stocks helps to stay informed of market movements. Hundreds of stocks can be tracked by organizing stock picks into watch lists, can easily and quickly track the performance and be better prepared to make investment decisions. 1) Easy drag and drop supported interface to reorder the watch list. Portfolio Tracking My Stocks helps to quickly and easily monitor the performance of investments. It can create and manage as many investment portfolios as need. 2) Option to set live tiles for watch list, portfolio and also can deep link to individual stock with live tile. Other functionalities of My Stocks...
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ScreenShot of Vat_Calculator by Abhinava Mishra Calculate the final ammount which you have to pay actually after considering the 12.5% Value Added Tax in India.
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ScreenShot of moneycontrol by Network18 Media & Investments Limited interested in business, economy and financial markets, you will find this to be an invaluable tool. And this application is powered by – India’s no.1 financial and business portal trusted by millions. Use the application to get real time stock quotes, Indian and Global market Indices, manage and keep track of your investment portfolio, watch Live TV and get in-depth coverage & analysis of financial markets, economy and business. The application is now available to you on your Wndows phone. For any queries regarding the app, mail us on Download the app to get going. It’s fast, easy-to-use and FREE.
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Personal Finance Guide

ScreenShot of Personal Finance Guide by Caron Zhang Learn how to manage your own money with intelligence. This app contains information about insurance, loans, retirement plans, and taxes.
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Palindrome Tip Calculator

ScreenShot of Palindrome Tip Calculator by GdB All the basic features of a tip calculator: - Enter the total - Select your tip level or the exact percentage - Enter the number of people if you want to split the bill And for the fun side: - Calculates the palindrome on the total. - You may also get a palindrome on the tip and on the total per person. - Surprise your friends by always paying palindrome amounts. - Compete with your friends on the best palindrome (total, tip, and split. and series). Version 1.1: - Now FREE (ad supported) - More compact user interface - Better keyboard for number entry Version 1.0: - First release
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ScreenShot of GiveMeMyMoney by Javier de la Rubia GiveMeMyMoney is a debt tracker app for not forgetting your debts.
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Just Money

ScreenShot of Just Money by CrewBeat Just Money one of the best personal finance management applications for Windows Phone 7. Simple, intuitive and well-designed interface helps you to add transaction in a seconds. Beautiful dashboard designed to help you to track your expences easy and fast. Features: -Dashboard account status indicator -Top expense categories -Expense tracking -Easy to use monthly salary setup -Build-in calculator -Reports -Transaction history by months Trial mode limited by 10 transactions.
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Elec Bill Analyzer

ScreenShot of Elec Bill Analyzer by kashyapa Elec Bill Analyzer lets you track your monthly electricity bills. It allows you to enter Bill details like Bill Number, Consumed Units and Bill Amount. You can also analyze the bill by Month Vs Units, Month Vs Amount and Month Vs Units/Amount.
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Shop Assistant

ScreenShot of Shop Assistant by albu Compares prices of two products and find out which one is cheaper. Allows to select the following units: - Kilogram - Gram - Litre - Millilitre - Unit Select the necessary unit, enter the weight or quantity and the price and it will calculate the price per unit.
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Investment Quotes

ScreenShot of Investment Quotes by Saganjit Kaur An extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.
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