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tipster calc

ScreenShot of tipster calc by kappzinter tipster calc is not your normal boring and ugly tip calculator, its brings a fresh and responsive metro style to the tip calculator. tipster calc opens up to a unique quick tip feature where you can quickly just enter your total and get an immediate tip and grand total for varying tip percentages. it also has a full receipt feature that allows you to spilt the bill, locate your address, and even take a photo of the receipt or your friends you're with at the time, which you can then save into history to keep track of your receipts. once you've saved your receipt, you can then easily share them with people who may want a copy or just owe you money via an SMS or email! hope you enjoy it, please give me some feedback. look out for updates to add some addition features involving an afterwards activity...
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ScreenShot of SocialWallet by YuRui This application will help you better manage your personal finance. As the word social implies, it allows you to relate your expenses to your friends. If you are the kind of person who buy things together with your friends oftenly; this is something for you. Login, add your friends, and input your transactions and keep track of your expenses. Developers: Russell Loh, Ng Yu Rui, Lim Li Ying, Chia Xue Qi.
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Guaranteed money

ScreenShot of Guaranteed money by Lectortje We found allot of ways to make money fast. And we want it to share with the whole world ! The ways have been tested by allot of people, and they works guaranteed. So take a look at the app and make money today and get some money. For feedback or tips please contact us.
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Taxi Tariff calculator

ScreenShot of Taxi Tariff calculator by ElroyAlva Taxi Tariff Calculator for Mumbai City Yellow and Black Cabs
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ScreenShot of HouseCalc by Krypton Mobile HouseCalc is a mortgage calculator that can determine your monthly payment when getting a loan. Enter your loan information and press the calculator button to display your monthly housing payment. You can use a percentage or dollar amount for the down payment. Swipe the screen to show the amortization schedule. Swipe again to display current mortgage interest rates for the selected state. You can pin live tiles to the home screen that show daily mortgage rates for your state. The trial version works for purchase prices up to $100,000 but does not show mortgage rates or live tiles. Please purchase the full version to remove these limitaitons and the banner ads. Thank you.
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Bill Tracker

ScreenShot of Bill Tracker by Munnwich New for version 5.1: Fix font color of live tile when in light theme. Add biweekly recurring bills. New for version 5.0: Fix for application crash when notifications were generated. New for version 4.6: Application icon now matches the Windows Phone theme. (Per user request) New for version 4.5: Fix bug where live tile would not update correctly when a bill was paid and the app was immediately updated. New for version 4.3: New Metro-inspired branding Now you can set what time of day you want to be reminded there is a bill due. Fix for showing correct currency symbols in certain locales. New for version 4.2: App now tombstones properly when leaving the app while editing/paying a bill. New for version 4.1: Fixed a crash bug related to marketplace integration. New for version 4.0: Mango support...
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Quit Smoking

ScreenShot of Quit Smoking by Aurore Vallino How much money can you save if you stop smoking ? Get a quick answer to that question with this app.
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ScreenShot of MoneyBook by Help MoneyBook is an easy to use accounting software. You can record your daily spending and income, Chart to view the past through the flow of money, Unique shortcut feature allows you to quickly record the consumption of commonly used categories, And can be backed up through the Google Doc. MoneyBook has the following features: 1.multiple accounts 2.multiple currencies and currency format custom 3.Chinese or English UI 4.payment account and credit account 5.pie chart and line chart 6.transfers between accounts 7.custom classes and categories 8.transaction history 9.backup and restore 10.shortcut quick accounting
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Currency Rates

ScreenShot of Currency Rates by Yalla Apps Developed by Jibran Khan Currency Reporter will let you be informed every second by the changing currency rates of the world wide countries. Calculate your manage your rates on your smart phone.
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ScreenShot of MoneyPhotography by CHANG WEN CHIEH Is money never enough? Do you usually forget what you had already bought? Now “MoneySavingPhotography” can help you! Use photos to record your shopping list. You will know what you should buy and then you can make money! - Using photos to record shopping details. - Cute icons help you to understand the using percentage of your salary per month. - Analysis of the shopping percentage in this week and this month - Edition of shopping history - Simple and easy interface The trial version provides four photo-records.
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