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Yogo The Turtle 1.0

ScreenShot of Yogo The Turtle 1.0 by digiTalented The sacred rock that provides energy for the peaceful turtle village and the entire valley has been stolen by strange visitors. Step into Yogoís shoes as the adventurous turtle goes off on an epic journey to recover the rock and save his beautiful home. Yogo is a unique character, the game featuring beautiful animations, hours of addictive game play, challenging levels and absolutely tons of fun. Practice your logic, hand-eye coordination, and skill as you guide Yogo the turtle to his destination. Use an original controller, never before seen on app store to explore the mysterious glacier, with Amazing upgrades, overcome the volcanoís heat, and make your way through 8 beautiful worlds until you reach the stars themselves. Features: Entertaining graphics, 3D Character, achievements...
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Magic Cauldron Light 1.1

ScreenShot of Magic Cauldron Light 1.1 by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. In this game you play as a young alchemist. You goal is to make all possible potions. Featuring: * 20 basic ingredients. * 13 amazing potions. * Unique gameplay. * Immersive GUI.
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ScreenShot of CREEPYTOWN by Slash Casual The town of Creepsford has been overrun by ghosts and the townsfolk have begun to disappear. In this action based puzzle game, you assume the role of the soul harvester, the bringer of death, the Reaper himself. You have been summoned to rid the town of their fallen souls and bring peace once again. Fresh off the success of Candy, Slash Casual brings you their take on the classic brick breaker games but with a twist of ingenuity. Play as the Grim Reaper while you slash the screen to draw energy barriers that redirect the ghosts around the town. Smash urns, collect treasure and unlock portals as you send the fallen souls back to the Netherworld. Along your way you will meet some very animated characters while you try to discover the truth about what is really haunting this town. Play through...
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ScreenShot of iEmpire by SZ Welcome to the exciting MMORPG! For those, who do not know what does it mean – MMORPG stands for multiplayer online role-playing game. iEmpire project is the first real fantasy MMORPG game for iPhone and iPod Touch. The main advantage of this game are as follows: 1. You will confront with the real people, although you also have a chance to fight with bots. 2. Four primary character’s parameters, that can be developed and 6 additional parameters, that will be changing depending on your equipment type. 3. Special kind of internal monetary system. 4. You can also increase your capital, gambling in iEmpire’s casino. The further you move up to online fighting, the deeper you immerse in the fascinating iEmpire atmosphere! From the very beginning you are able for close fights...
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GhostHunter EX

ScreenShot of GhostHunter EX by hellonet In a high industrialization processing at 21C, the city is ruined, all hippies things is disappeared from hearts of peoples and peoples just had a egoistic mind and a greed, at the same time, the evil is appeared in the city. It happen a strange phenomenon hear and there in the city and Jung-pee request helper to the Vatican. The Vatican are calling ghost hunters which is a secret organization for elimination the evil several hundred years ago. The Vatican decide to rush Mr. Jack who is the best of best member of a ghost hunters. < Game Help > There are two kinds of a arbalists and a magnum and three kinds of bullets according to the weapon. - A fire of evil and ghost is disappeared with shooting a ice arrow or a curse arrow at one time. - A desert scorpion and a poison spider is disappeared...
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m:Vampire FREE 25 Gems 1.50.ag1.000

ScreenShot of m:Vampire FREE 25 Gems 1.50.ag1.000 by moblyng Awaken to the blood-red moonlight of m:Vampire and quench your evil thirst, turn innocents into Vampires and defeat your rivals to become the ultimate Coven Lord. FREE--25 Gems! - Challenge your Facebook friends - Play anywhere on your Android/G1, iPod touch or iPhone - Complete sordid vampire missions Become Immortal!
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Undead LIVE! 110 Royal Crowns!

ScreenShot of Undead LIVE! 110 Royal Crowns! by Aftershock Innovations Get 110 Royal Crowns! NOTE: this app will only credit you once. To purchase additional RCs, please visit Open the App and the Royal Crowns should show up under the Godfather. Please email if you've experienced problems. Brand new items/properties/UI, and features added to V4.0. V4.0 features well balanced game play that remains challenging through out all levels. Vampires vs. Werewolves vs. Overlords. The Battle Begins Now. Which will you be? Start as a human slave and work your way to build a fearsome Empire. You start the game in Draken World, where three supreme beings rule the land: Vampires, Werewolves, and Overlords. Because of your strength, the Dark Lord summons you and transforms you into an Immortal. Through Quests, Land Conquests, and...
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Darkfall Status 1.1.1

ScreenShot of Darkfall Status 1.1.1 by Jarcikon Get updates on the server status for the MMORPG Darkfall Online. Choose to be updated only when the server status changes or an ongoing notification that keeps the status icon in the notification bar at all times. Version 1.1: Added notification sound option
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Armory Beta 0.5.2

ScreenShot of Armory Beta 0.5.2 by Ernesto Rodriguez Allows you to view a list of a WoW character armor. Beta release. Known bug: cant search names with special characters. I'll have this fixed ASAP. Thank you all for the support and patience. Working on: **Better UI **fixes with switching between Portrait and Landscape. **More Character details, stats, etc
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