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ScreenShot of GPSTools by kangaderoo Use GPS tools to display your location. Both "Degree Minute Second" (DMS) as "Decimal Degree" (DD) is supported. Data to various UTM datums. (WGS84, NAD83, etc) Storage capability for your Points of Interest, user input supports both DMS and DD notation format. Tracking calculates bearing and distance between selected ponts of interest. GPS heading and speed (in Mile, Knots or KpH) availlable. GPStools can be used for Hiking, Sailing, Cyling, etc. This app uses in App advertizing powered by Inner-Active. Please visit the sponsors.
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ScreenShot of DistanceMap by John Sherman DistanceMap is a fast, easy to use range finder app for your Windows Phone! DistanceMap is great for golf, hunting, boating, running or anytime you need to know the distance to a target. ***Get Altitude, Latitude, and Longitude for anywhere in the world, NOT just your current location!! **Distances can be measured in feet, yards, miles, meters, kilometers, or nautical miles! ***Save locations to use later! *** Search function that allows you to search by Address, City, Zip, Places, or Latitude and Longitude! *** Displays current heading direction! (Must have compass ability for this feature) Three Modes to choose from! **Default Mode: Measures distances from your current location. **Point to Point Mode: Allows you to select the starting point. Then all distances will be measured from...
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FindME S

ScreenShot of FindME S by WzzT Tell your friends where are you and how to find you! Share your location and location pictures! roadmap: 1.0 basic release. 1.1 for bug fix. 1.2 google map support. 2.0 social network support, weather and map mark support 2.6 customized lable and chinese map offset adjust. 2.8 bug fix
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La bàn

ScreenShot of La bàn by iFunSoft Current version use for only Vietnamese. Features: Compass helps you easily see the movements of his. The software functions as a normal physical compass. There are many themes to choose compass display. The software also integrates maps for your travel easy Simple functions, easy to use ...
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Marine Rules & Signals 1.5

ScreenShot of Marine Rules & Signals 1.5 by Imray The reference guide to rules and signals at sea. Part of a series of Marine Navigation apps, Rules & Signals is a useful tool for sailors, fishermen, surfers and people involved in sea water sports. The Imray Marine Navigation reference products are intended for quick reference and learning. Beautifully illustrated with diagrams and short, clear text. Remind yourself quickly about a rule or light, or learn at home, traveling or in the winter while planning your trips. INCLUDES RULES OF THE ROAD: - Steering and sailing rules. - Lights and shapes: day and night time marking of boats. - Sound signals in restricted visibility. Actual sounds. - Distress signals. - Full Colregs text. SIGNALS & COMMUNICATION: - Buoys: worldwide buoyage systems A & B and animated harbour approaches. - ...
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MyMap+ 1.7

ScreenShot of MyMap+ 1.7 by Takeshi Dodo New features for ver1.7 - Supported BlueTooth connection. Send/Receive data directly with other iphone/ipad/ipod. - Faster app launch. - Editable navigation log titles. - Ruler in driving navi mode. - Speed ​​up the selection marker icons. ====================================== Features of mymap+ ====================================== Specialized in 3 features and summarized as a "Useful Map Tool Set". 1: "Just watch/use map" 2: "Direction search" 3: "Edit map" ------------------------------ 1: Just watch/use map ------------------------------ - Jogdial smooth zooming map - Street view + Pegman - On map search result list - Distance measurement - Email at cursor location - Anchor(Temporary marker) ------------------------------ 2: Transit/Direction...
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Bingle Maps

ScreenShot of Bingle Maps by Leon Zhou Bingle Maps is a full featured map application that searches, finds directions, drops pins and synchronizes with DropBox. It integrates with both Google Maps and Bing Maps. NOTE, before updating from versions before 1.8: Since version 1.8, there has been several improvements to direction searching. If you have existing direction data saved on your phone. You may see the following bits missing from the saved data after updating: ● The route line on the map ● The "From" and "To" address ● Distance for itinerary items What's new in 1.9: ● 1.9 supports fast app switching in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango for multi-tasking. ● Fixed a bug that caused pins deleted in Layers page to be ignored when synced with DropBox. What's new in 1.8: ● Smarter "From" and "...
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ScreenShot of NavToCompass by bart slegers Enter waypoint(s), press navigate and go! Usefull app for walking a waypoint route, finding a geochache etc... - Unlimited list of waypoints can be added and saved - Navigate to a given waypoint, compass and distance to waypoint is shown - Add/Delete individual or all waypoints
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ScreenShot of SimpleGPSApp by Siming Ye Basically, the application can display where you are, and give the longitude and latitude of your place, and it can remember all the position that I have been to, and finally, it can calculate the distance and display a route between two places. It uses location service after you click the "Real Locate" button and "StartLocation" button. And in other pages, it will not use the location service.
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Travel WorldCities

ScreenShot of Travel WorldCities by Edward Chow This App helps you to get aroud the city. It provides Subway Map which enables you to navigate the city with info on where to shop,visit,party,stay and eat. If you plan to visit London for Olympic 2012, this app will get you around the city. Features: - Provide London city (UK) Subway Map and other cities, and info of where to shop,visit,party,stay and eat. - Enable user to add and update info. - Enable user to add and update info on Subway station nearby shopping malls and places of interest. - SMS your current GPS location in case you are lost and let your friends know where to find you. - GPS Map to find out where and how to get to that place,street, landmark with map routing. - View subway map at your own comfort.
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