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Firefox Home 1.0.2

ScreenShot of Firefox Home 1.0.2 by Unknown Firefox Home provides access to your desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs on your iPhone. It's not a Web browser itself, but with it you can get up and go and have everything waiting for you on your iPhone. Firefox Home is secure from end-to-end so your data is always safe. And, of course, it's free. AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGES: English, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Russian, French, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Traditional),Chinese (Simplified), Catalan, Turkish SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT FIREFOX HOME! "Can’t remember where you saw that important story just before you left the office? Open the app and check your history. Want a shortcut to save you from typing a long URL on the iPhone or iPod Touch? Open the app. (As a...
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ScreenShot of Tags by omz:software Tags lets you browse bookmarks in style. Explore your bookmarks with the animated tag cloud or discover new websites in your network, inbox or popular bookmarks. With Tags you can synchronize your collection of delicious bookmarks and even edit or delete them on the go.
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ScreenShot of MyWebClip by forYou inc. MyWebClip is a well executed way to manage web app bookmarks. The developer has a strong understanding of designing on the iPhone so that you would think it is a native app. Apple should incorporate some of its features into the iPhone’s OS. ✭✭✭✭✭ 148Apps -------------------------------------------------------- Now, there are so many fascinating apps and mobile websites available for iPhone/iPod touch, aren't you getting lost in your Home screen with all those apps and bookmark icons (WebClips)? MyWebClip is a new browser app with additional Home screen spaces to manage your bookmark icons. You can create, add, and organize up to 144 bookmark icons and speed dial icons, and you will be able to go to those sites with one simple tap from MyWebClip Home screen. MyWebClip will ...
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MyBookmarks 2.0.2

ScreenShot of MyBookmarks 2.0.2 by This application will import your Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome bookmarks to the Android browser. Now supports Cupcake...
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Bookmark 2 1.0.1

No Image DO NOT TRY TO LAUNCH. Run by longpressing the home screen. Adds bookmarks with custom icons to the homescreen. Instructions: 1. Longpress the home screen. 2. Select Bookmark 2 under Shortcut. 3. Select a bookmark. 4. Position the yellow picker over the desired icon. Optionally resize with the trackball. 5. Click select.
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Bookmarker 1.0.2

ScreenShot of Bookmarker 1.0.2 by GeekYouUp Bookmarker is a simple tool for re-ordering, deleting and launching your web browser bookmarks. v1.0.2 - Improved UI, Move to Top/Bottom, Landscape, Add New, Welcome Messsge only on install. Thanks for all the feedback.
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BetterBookmarks 1.7.1

ScreenShot of BetterBookmarks 1.7.1 by David Blackman Creates iphone-style desktop shortcuts (with icons!) from bookmarks or arbitrary urls. Access via home->add->shortcut. Please email me if you encounter crashes or bugs. Source @
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Beelicious 0.1.2

ScreenShot of Beelicious 0.1.2 by ShereKhan made easy! Unofficial applet inspired by Firefox plugin. Share bookmarks via the "Share page" option in Android browser; features: * Tag suggestions * Tag autocomplete (if enabled from settings) * Simple tag search and view Minor update: By popular demand, can also be invoked via "Bookmark page" menu option.
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