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PanoMan 3.0.610 3.0.610

No Image Quite a lot of people asked for it and finally, here it is: Our trial version of PanoMan 3.0 lets you evaluate all features of the latest PanoMan 3.0.610 upgrade. Generating amazing 360 panoramas with your mobile phone has never been so fast and easy: Just turn around with your smartphone and scan the scenery you want to capture. The fully automatic patent-pending stitching-algorithm of PanoMan composes the captured photos to an impressive panorama, in realtime and up to 40 megapixels. The new maintenance release of PanoMan (3.0.610) further improves the quality of the panoramic images and reduces processing time.
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mobiEXPLORE Croatia 3 3

No Image MobiEXPLORE Croatia features 157 destinations including national parks, cultural and historical sights, popular but also less known resorts and tourist destinations throughout Croatia. It has interactive maps of Croatia and individual cities, animations, photos, guides, all combined to present information about active vacation, gastronomy, fun and entertainment, sights, news, service information, useful tips and advice, local customs.Version 3 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
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QuitSmokingMobile 1.15 1.15

No Image QuitSmokingMobile - a new, effective and individualized method to quit smoking using your mobile phone. This application puts you in control of your smoking habit, helping you to quit smoking gradually. No more expensive Drugs or Patches that do not eliminate the habit of smoking. The QuitSmokingMobile works using the principals of behavior modification and gradual nicotine withdrawal. The QuitSmokingMobile app was designed for you. Take back control of your habit and quit. The QuitSmokingMobile (QSM) Java application is your key to a smoke-free life. This app creates a personalized gradual reduction program to help you kick cigarettes once and for all. Developed and proven effective with studies the QuitSmokingMobile has improved algorithms that make it easier than before to kick the habit...
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