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Poker-Spy Calculator

ScreenShot of Poker-Spy Calculator by Poker-Spy Poker-Spy, a provider of poker tools and teaching aids since 2005, is bringing its technology to the Windows Phone. The Poker-Spy Calculator allows you to quickly review and/or learn Texas Hold’em Poker odds. On the flop, turn or river, the Poker-Spy Calculator will give you instant data like outs, percentages and odds against any number of opponents. The Poker-Spy Calculator uses sophisticated algorithms to give you real world results. Odds are not simply determined by dealing random cards to opponents. Instead, the odds are based on the types of hands you would likely be playing against in the real world. Try it today and Improve-Your-Game! Latest version includes: Improved UI for card selection. Improved UI for opponent players selection. Fix for tomb stoning bug. Application Tips...
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Capitals of America

ScreenShot of Capitals of America by Alejandro122 Challenge yourself and your friends and find out who knows best the Capitals of America.
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ScreenShot of Hajj by Yalla Apps Developed by salam Know all the steps for the fifth pillar of Islam which is Hajj.
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Flashlight - MEGA Flashlight 1.8.7

ScreenShot of Flashlight - MEGA Flashlight 1.8.7 by Ruddy Rooster Bright. Handy. Elegant. MEGA Flashlight is a mega flashlight app. Now use your smartphone as a flashlight. FEATURES: ★ Screen Light ★ Morse Code ★ Strobe Light ★ Police Lights ★ Warning Light ★ Battery Status ★ Support ★ Different Layout, if Flashlight is not supported Thanks for download. Stay loyal to us and recommend us to others. INFORMATION PERMISSIONS: MEGA Flashlight DOES NOT need the following permissions like all other flashlight apps ♠ NO Phone Calls ♠ NO System Tools ♠ NO GPS Location ♠ NO read and write of your personal information ♠ NO Sync CAUTION: A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. CUSTOMER REVIEWS: „Bright, handy and elegant...
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99 Percent

ScreenShot of 99 Percent by Lifelens Who are we? Well, who are you? If you’re reading this, there’s a 99 percent chance that you’re one of us. Follow our movement!
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Strobe Beeper

ScreenShot of Strobe Beeper by HarryZ Strobing flashlight with frequency control.
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Discovr Apps - discover new apps 2.3

ScreenShot of Discovr Apps - discover new apps 2.3 by Filter Squad Pty Ltd ★ Discovr Apps is a Number 1 app in 17 countries including US, Japan, Canada & Australia ★ More than 2.5 million users of DIscovr ★ Featured worldwide by Apple, Wall Street Journal, Billboard Magazine & Wired "Discovr Launches Awesome Tool To Find New Apps On iOS" - Techcrunch Discovr Apps is an interactive map of the App Store and makes it easy to discover new apps for your iPhone & iPad. Simply search for an app that you like or choose from one of our featured apps. We’ll show you how the apps you choose are connected in a massive, never-ending map of the App Store, and we’ll give you great recommendations for other apps to download. When you find an app you like you can read the app descriptions, check out the screenshots and ratings, or buy it ...
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MovingText X

ScreenShot of MovingText X by RobinApp MovingText X Phone is mean moving text corss another phone. Show your marquee (words) with your friends phone at the same time. It is more funny , if you have play same kind App, you will feel your phone is not big enough. Let everyone have your attention! You may need this App when: 1. You are in a very noisily place with too many people, like bar or clubs. 2. You go to airport to take your friend, as now you will take a stupid board, you can use this app, it will be cool. 3. You go to concert or seminar, you can let the singer or speaker watch you.
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ScreenShot of Lovematching by Ijaz Ahamed This app will give some quote about your love.
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ScreenShot of LuckyBuddha by eugenesoft Lucky Buddha - One belief popular in folklore maintains that rubbing his belly brings wealth, good luck, and prosperity. This Lucky Buddha will try to do all of it for you, as much as it can, if you rub his belly. Also it will laugh and tell you a fortune in English, German or Russian depending on language of your choice witch you can make by touching a flag at the top. Thanks for playing, have fun!!!
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