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ScreenShot of Mistletoe! by Sooner Software Don't be caught during the holiday season without mistletoe handy. You won't miss out on stealing a kiss from that someone special by having this handy "electronic" mistletoe everywhere you go. And you can also play sleigh bells by touching the mistletoe or shaking your phone. Or just let the string of lights blink in fun patterns. A must for the holidays! The trail version is a fully functional app. The paid version removes the advertising banner from the main screen, and allows you to choose from twelve different bell sounds.
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Pimp Your Screen - Your Device Never Looked Cooler 1.9

ScreenShot of Pimp Your Screen - Your Device Never Looked Cooler 1.9 by MYW Productions SALE! 50% OFF! Enjoy the new content! Download NOW! Pimp Your Screen is an award-winning app that helps you customize the look of your device by giving you an exclusive selection of specially designed backgrounds, icon skins, app shelves, neon combos and many other eye candies. You no longer have to set the image you prefer first and then go back to the Home screen and see how it looks with the icons on it. Pimp Your Screen has an instant preview feature that allows you to quickly preview your new background or app shelf. Features: * Retina resolution images for iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch 4th gen and the new iPad * Standard resolution images for iPhone/3G/3GS, iPod touch and iPad/iPad 2 * Icon Skins/App Shelves/Neon Combos * A million different combinations, variety is the spice of life...
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ScreenShot of Tap_speed by BCLWIN just tap the big block of color,you wii find how fast you can achieve!So easy and funny!
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3 2 1 Go

ScreenShot of 3 2 1 Go by MaciejAsembler Try yourself in this simple reflex test. Push the button as fast as you can after the light turns green.
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Sleepy 1.9.0

ScreenShot of Sleepy 1.9.0 by Massimiliano Fanciulli Track your sleep and store them into Runkeeper in an easy way! Sleepy tracks your sleep cycles and store them in your Runkeeper account. You can choose to let Sleepy track sleep cycles automatically or you can enter them manually. You can track the total slept time and additional parameters like REM time, Light deep slept time, time woken and many others. Sleepy gives you a graphical overview of the tracked data for a better understanding of the changes in sleep cycles. You need a Runkeeper account to use this app.If you don't have one you can subscribe directly trhough the app. This gives you access to the Runkeeper website and to an ecosystem of apps submitting data to it. Some of the features of the Runkeeper website are for paid accounts only (Elite users). Sleepy follow the same approach...
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GymXP 1.0.0

ScreenShot of GymXP 1.0.0 by mindBox Easily keep track of your gym and cardio workouts Features: • Record the date and number of reps x weight for every set in your gym workout • Contains a comprehensive list of exercises (900+) for every muscle group and cardio • Muscle groups: abdominals, abductors, adductors, biceps, calves, chest, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, lats, lower back, middle back, neck, quadriceps, shoulders, traps, triceps • Record the date, duration, distance, pace, heart rate, incline and calories burned during your cardio workout • Track your progress by measuring your weight, bodyfat, height, chest, waist, arms, shoulders, forearms, neck, hips, thighs, calves • Support for metric and imperial system of measurement: • mass: kilogram (kg) / pound (lb) • distance...
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ScreenShot of FunnyPig by Bartek347 This apllication allow you and your friends to watch the funniest animal and hear his voice.
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9 Stars

ScreenShot of 9 Stars by D4rt 9 Stars offers you an easy way to calculate a 9 Stars Ki -chart on the go. Brief description for each chart is provided, covering all the 9 elements involved. Find out what your birthday tells about your true personality and character. How does your true self differ with how other people see you? You might be surprises!
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Pitch Gauge 2.1.4

ScreenShot of Pitch Gauge 2.1.4 by Prolific Methods Accurate Roofing Estimates - Without Climbing the Roof! >> Do you measure roofs on a regular basis? << REVIEW: “Easy to use, accurate, and support when you need it!” F E A T U R E S ∎ Standard/Metric Measurements. ∎ Camera Mode- Find roof pitch/steepness from ground. ∎ White Screen Mode- Find roof pitch by laying your device directly on the roof or soffit. ∎ Snap Pitch- Take pictures with or without pitch measurement, then email. ∎ Square Calculator- Enter: Length, Width, Pitch, and “Cut Level” to find ACCURATE number of squares. ∎ “+” is used to add multiple sections. F I X E S ∎ No more error message: “Unfortunately, Pitch Gauge has stopped!” ∎ Pictures are now transferring to gallery, and you can email them...
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Easy Wifi 1.3.3

ScreenShot of Easy Wifi 1.3.3 by michael dardol FON_BELGACOM finally available for Belgium ! The connecting to wifi hotspots has never been easier ! Web reviews : ★ ★ "Easy Wifi : The ultimate application to connect to wifi hotspots !" ★ ★ "This application is simply necessary !" ★ ★ "This application Easy Wifi is a must such it is useful" ★ ★ "If you are looking for an inexpensive hotspot connecting application , Easy Wifi is for you!" ★ ★ "Easy WiFi is THE best in its category" ★ ★ "An application that is worth seeing" ★ ★ "Easy WiFi is an application that will become essential for nomads" ************************************************************* ...
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