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Super Fortune Cookie!

ScreenShot of Super Fortune Cookie! by Z Enterprises Super Fortune Cookie! is a super happy fun time for everyone! Do you want to know what the future has in store for you? How about how to handle a big upcoming meeting, or introduce yourself to someone new? Then Super Fortune Cookie! is for you! Super Fortune Cookie! will give you valuable tips for how to deal with these situations should they arrive (and they most certainly will), and many others! Find out about lobsters, some guy named Bill and many other random things! Tons and tons of fortunes are included, so get downloading! Have a super happy fun time with Super Fortune Cookie!
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Super Baby Rattle!

ScreenShot of Super Baby Rattle! by Z Enterprises When you're on the go and have your kids with you, there's only one thing you'll need on your iPhone or iPod Touch to keep the youngsters occupied: Super Baby Rattle! This set of virtual rattles will always be at your side and will be there to save the day when you forget the real thing. Super Baby Rattle! includes five unique rattles, each with their own sound. The sound samples were recorded from real rattles, so you can be sure this is about as realistic as can be. Super Baby Rattle! is even velocity sensitive, so the harder and faster your child shakes the rattle, the louder it will be. This can help with learning cause and effect! Features: - Five unique rattles, each with their own sounds - Bright, colorful images that will appease their senses - Velocity sensitive playback, so the louder...
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