Get Notified About Changes In Public Folders From Tray

Public Folder Watcher 2.00 by ArtfulBits Inc.

Get Notified About Changes In Public Folders From Tray

Have you ever missed an important post or a message? Do always want to be in the know what`s going on in Exchange public folders, as well as your own personal mail folders? An add-on called Public Folder Watcher will help do all above mentioned.

L`VIV, Ukraine - May 25, 2010 - ArtfulBits Inc. today announces the immediate availability of Public Folder Watcher 2.0.*, a major new release of the add-on for Microsoft Outlook that enables its users - managers, analysts, tech support specialists - to get notified about changes in Exchange public folders and get a status of unread email messages right from the system tray. Additionally, the add-on will track other email folders and do it more conveniently than the native Outlook feature, especially when there are many folders and rules used.

Once Public Folder Watcher is installed, it adds a small notification window next to the system tray and every 20 minutes (or some other custom interval) it`ll pop up automatically to show a list of all folders containing unread mail in Inbox and Public folders. A click on the folder item you are interested in will open up an Outlook window. The add-on integrates into Microsoft Outlook seamlessly and does not slow down its performance thanks to its multi-threaded technology. You can easily set things up to your own preferences through the menu in Outlook. For example, you can configure the checking intervals for folders.

What`s new in Public Folder Watcher 2.0?

- localization rewritten completely.

- Greatly improved stability.

- Greatly improved performance and reduced memory usage.

- added additional customization options: automatic close of message dialog, "slow folders" detection, read Db algorithm improvements.

- greatly improved multi-threading part of the PFW. All dialog running now in separate thread, that does not freeze Outlook.

Public Folder Watcher 2.0.0 is available immediately at

Pricing & Availability

Public Folder Watcher 2.0 runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2000 Server, 2003 Server, requires Microsoft Outlook 2000 or upwards, plus Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later. Licensed users get a fully functional product, free minor upgrades, priority technical support. Additional information on the product is available at


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