Efficient Password Manager 3.81 Build 383 Released - One of the Most Famous Personal Organizer Tool

Efficient Password Manager by Efficient Software

Efficient Password Manager comes from Efficient Software which is a software library for task, time and personal information management. Generally speaking, it is available for users to manage task, notes and time with Efficient Password Manager. Moreover, there is another edition for small companies: Efficient Password Manager Network. In another word, different members in one company could share a same copy of data and work together.

Efficient Software has made a lot of improvements in this upgrade, especially for network edition. Like Nat Mapping of Efficient Organizer Server will not be deleted under any circumstances, solved the problem that users may exit Efficient Organizer Server by mistakes and network users could backup their database files automatically or manually in a much easier way and so on. Besides, many bugs have been fixed in this upgrade too, like users can`t open broken files sometimes. At last, Efficient Password Manager has added a new language - Slovak this time.

Paul Zhang is the designer of Efficient Password Manager, and he says, "The reason why I developed this software is just want to help more people word with high efficiency. Generally speaking, people could do better in time and task management with this program. Firstly, they can make a daily, weekly or monthly plan in advance. Afterwards, they can pay 100% attention to what they are doing instead of thinking about what to do next all the time. Next, people can track the task progress in a very easy way. And if they finish one, they can mark it with a tick and go on with the next action."

"More than that, there is a Comment Module for users" says Paul, "they can write the details of tasks or events if needed. For instance, the reference material for a meeting, comments for tasks, specific place and notes for an appointment and so on."

About Efficient Password Manager

Efficient Password Manager is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems, which include Windows 8/7/XP/Vista.... Efficient Password Manager 3 YearsLifetime Update License supports 30 days free trial and costs $19.95/user (40% OFF on its official website recently).

About Efficient Software

Founded in 2005, Efficient Software was published with several PIM software tools. In the beginning, those programs are designed to offer a better organized life for users. And they always do a good job from 2005 to now. In most cases, users could organize their journal, activities, notes, favorite URLs, meetings and contacts with the software programs of Efficient Software.

BTW: Android version and iOS version is going to be released soon.

Official Website: http://www.efficientsoftware.net/

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Google+: https://plus.google.com/+EfficientsoftwareNet