RegRun Security Suite Platinum 6.9 has been released!

RegRun Security Suite Platinum by Greatis Software

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Greatis Software releases RegRun Security Suite NIVA (6.9)

Greatis Software ( has issued a major

update of RegRun, an excellent tool kit for protecting your computer

against Rootkitsor Trojans or spyware or Adware parasites.

Today`s upsurge in the number of cyber assaults upon innocent users,

combined with a dramatically expanded sophistication and malicious-ness

in the attack tools used, has required yet another broadening and

deepening of the security functions of the RegRun series of protection

tools for Windows PC`s.

RegRun NIVA resolves two main tasks:

1. Detects and removes Rootkits/Trojans/spyware/adware components.

2. Makes backups of the registry and important files.

Helps in resolving computer management problems.

The new version of RegRun Security Suite is a major update of the security software.

1) Enforcing Security.

2) Added additional protection for flash USB sticks and local drives against "autorun.inf" viruses.

3) More stable and safe.

4) Fixed bugs.

5) Compatibility.

Tested for compatibility with XP SP3, Vista SP1, 2008 Server.

RegRun Security Suite is fully compatible with Windows Vista.

RegRun works with all Microsoft Windows platforms: Windows 95/98,

Windows ME, Windows NT4/2000/XP/Vista and makes maximum use of their

powerful resources.

RegRun Security Suite versions range in cost from $19.95 to $69.95(US)

for a single license.

Fully functional versions of RegRun Security Suite are available

for a 30-day evaluation from (

Greatis Software can be contacted by:

Fax: 1-419-735-3518

Phone: 1-206-202-4216

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About Greatis Software:

Greatis Software is a rapidly growing company based in Yaroslavl,

Russia that has specialized for many years in system software

development and programming components for developers.