Selteco Alligator Flash Designer 7 simplifies the creation of Flash animations and interactive, Flash-based websites.

Selteco Alligator Flash Designer by Selteco

Selteco today announced the release of the new version of Alligator Flash Designer 7 for Windows - an easy-to-use, professional-quality Flash creation software at an affordable price.

Alligator Flash Designer is similar to PowerPoint and it`s a perfect choice for those who find other Flash makers too difficult. You can start with one of the wizards to create a photo album, a slide show with transition effects, a website intro or a multi page presentation. The product also comes with 4 website templates. Users can add images, texts and shapes, apply more than 130 predefined animation effects like Fade, Zoom, and Rotate. The built-in preview browser displays the movie exactly as it will appear on the Web.

Alligator offers a complete range of advanced drawing and editing tools. Users can draw shapes - rectangles, circles and polygons, edit Bezier curves, apply solid, gradient or bitmap fill, import images and vector graphics, move and align items, change the stacking order of the elements, group, ungroup and lock items, create semi-transparency effects. Users can also use vector and system fonts of any color and size and apply text animation effects. The text may be also formatted with basic HTML tags like B, I, FONT or LI. Repetitive elements can be cloned or placed on master frames and then used as the background for other frames. Music enthusiasts can play soundtracks in the background, mix-in voice-overs and add click or mouse over sounds. Alligator currently supports WAV and MP3 format.

Once the animation is completed, Alligator exports a SWF file and generates the HTML code necessary to publish the Flash movie online. Novice webmasters can export an example HTML page with their Flash file embedded or upload a complete website. Flash animations can play in opaque or in transparent mode over other Web page elements - the same way as Flash ads.

To simplify the process of animating items, Alligator has no timeline. Instead users just define 3 phases of the animation - intro (how the item appears), motion (how the item moves or rotates) and outro (how the item disappears) and set up the speed of the effect. Moving, stretching, fading, flashing and rotating is available in various combinations for each phase. Users can also define "tween" animations between 2 frames and apply sounds to the animation.

The program comes with extensive help files, 7 Flash templates (websites, banners, presentations), 2 tutorials and 25 example animations that demonstrate basic features of the application.

Version 7 offers new roll-over buttons, path animations, unicode support, intro and outro sounds and sound volume control, tools for free-hand drawing and bitmap tracing, new built-in gradients.

Suggested retail pricing is US$149.00 SRP for the downloadable version, US$159.00 SRP for the boxed version. An upgrade is available for users of previous versions.

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