ZipPassword 10.0.6744: Full-featured fast password recovery tool for Zip (PKZip/WinZip) archives.

ZipPassword 10.0.6744

Zip Password is a full-featured password recovery solution (and much more than a simple password cracker) for Zip archives created with PKZip or WinZip. Zip Passwords features a variety of password recovery methods: Brute Force Attack, Smart Force Attack, Dictionary Search, Password Variation and Known Plain Text Attack. The newest technologies incorporated in Zip Password boosted the search speed to over than 3,000,000,000 passwords a minute.

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LastBit Word Password Recovery 12.0.9123: Guaranteed password recovery of Word 2.0-2007 documents

LastBit Word Password Recovery 12.0.9123

Recover password protected documents created in all versions of Microsoft Word, including the latest Word 2007. LastBit Word Password Recovery instantly recovers Word 2003 and earlier documents, and allows advanced attacks to recover Word 2007 passwords.

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LastBit VBA Password Recovery 11.0.8050: Universal utility to recover lost or forgotten passwords to VBA modules.

LastBit VBA Password Recovery 11.0.8050

Password recovery utility to reset passwords to password-protected VBA projects. The program has two password recovery engines: one is designed for Word, Excel documents and Access databases, another one allows restoring access to password-protected VBA modules in any application.

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LastBit Rar Password Recovery 12.0.9123

Password is a password recovery tools for WinRar. The password protection in WinRar extremely strong and hard to break. As a result of this only regular password recovery methods (such as Brute Force Attack, Dictionary Attack or Smart Force Attack) are suitable for cracking RAR passwords. The search speed is extremely slow due to strong and very well implemented encryption algorithm.

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LastBit QuickBooks Password Recovery 11.0.7828: Password recovery tool for QuickBooks documents (*.qbw, *.qba).

LastBit QuickBooks Password Recovery 11.0.7828

Password cracker for QuickBooks files (*.qbw, *.qba). QuickBooks Password resets the password to a known one , this can be done instantly and you can open your document immediately. However the original password will remain unknown. Brute Force Attack or Dictionary Search must be used to restore the original password.

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LastBit Quicken Password Recovery 11.0.8050: Password recovery tool for Quicken (*.qdf) files.

LastBit Quicken Password Recovery 11.0.8050

Password recovery tool Quicken. There are two types of passwords used in Quicken: a password for opening a data file and a transaction password. You have to crack the password for opening the file first; then you can crack the transaction password. Brute Force Attack, Dictionary Search and Smart Force Attack methods must be used to break password for opening the file. The transaction password is cracked instantly.

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LastBit PowerPoint Password Recovery 12.0.9123: PowerPoint Password: password recovery for protected PowerPoint presentations.

LastBit PowerPoint Password Recovery 12.0.9123

PowerPoint Password is a password recovery tool, which comes in very handy if you forgot, lost, or misplaced your password for PowerPoint presentations (*.ppt, *.pps files). PowerPoint password protection is based on strong crypto algorithms, so password recovery is a complex task. PowerPoint Password uses various recovery methods: Plain Dictionary and Hybrid Dictionary attacks, Brute-Force attacks, and Smart-Force (TM) attacks.

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