Kool Firewall 2.43.111: Firewall software that scans various ports

Kool Firewall 2.43.111

Kool Firewall is firewall security software designed to monitor the traffic into and out of your system. Within the scanning window, you may see traffic through various ports such as 110 (pop3), 80 (web) and a few others. Kool Firewall has built-in algorithms to detect malacious or unauthorized access to your computer. When such hazard happens, it reports the alert in a `Possible Attacks` window and also allows you to save it to a log file.

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Registration Backup 2004.09.24: Keep an easy, safe and up-to-date backup of all your software product keys.

Registration Backup 2004.09.24

Discover how this Product Key Manager will help you keep an up-to-date backup of all your software product keys in a safe and central location (+ their download site). Your data will be very securely encrypted using the unbroken Blowfish algorithm, and access to your data will be password protected (with your password also encrypted using Blowfish). This program is very easy to use with a simple but effective interface.

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