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Password Wallet

ScreenShot of Password Wallet by V. K. Singh Tired of remembering all your passwords? Use Password Wallet to store your passwords on your mobile phone.
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Unlock With WiFi 2.4.12

ScreenShot of Unlock With WiFi 2.4.12 by Ben Hirashima Tired of entering your password every time you turn on your phone? Unlock With WiFi™ unlocks your phone when you're connected to your home WiFi network. What does "unlock" mean? It means you don't have to enter your password/pattern/PIN when you turn on your phone. When you're at home, or work, you don't need to worry about losing your phone, so why should you have to enter your password? How does it work? When you get home and connect to your WiFi network, your device will unlock. Then when you leave, and the WiFi disconnects, the device will lock again. You have to enter your password the first time after you connect to your WiFi network. This is so that if someone steals or finds your phone, they can't just bring it to your house to unlock it. After you enter your password...
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Private Hub

ScreenShot of Private Hub by Smart WP The Unique App that you can Import your videos from pc to phone and stored in an encrypted. Now you can backup your data to SkyDrive, Import and Export Videos from/to SkyDrive. Try it first, and then you can decide to buy it or not. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Password protect your private album, private video, private contacts, bank accounts, Internet accounts, private files etc., ★Batch import and export photos; ★View a slideshow of photos; ★Shooting or import videos from PC; ★Export and Export your private videos to SkyDrive; ★Fake password, enter the fake password into a fake Page; Stored encrypted accounts and password; ★Resume from the background required to enter a password; ============================= Before...
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ScreenShot of 7Pass by Tran Ngoc Van Unofficial KeePass password manager client, compatible with KeePass 2.x for desktop. Support Info: - Blog: - Source code: Version 3.5: - Fixed SkyDrive synchronization Version 3.4: - Added SkyDrive support. - Removed usage of device ID. Version 3.3: - Fixed WebDAV bug. - Fixed global pass not displayed on app switch. - Added field editing and asterisks support. - Fixed protected field textbox display in light theme. Version 3.2: - Added navigation transitions. - Added pining of databases. - Supports password, title and username hiding. - Bug fixes & UI improvements.
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ScreenShot of MyPass by dimitrigodoy Store your Passwords in One Place.
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ScreenShot of PasswordGenerator by Pippirull A Password generator that generates stong/less strong passwords with/without unique strong characters. Length between 6-10 characters. Update: Added a option to send the password to a mailbox(preferably your own), added vibration on generating password, changed splashscreen and tiles.
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Secure My Privacy HD 1.0

ScreenShot of Secure My Privacy HD  1.0 by App4life Inc. Everyone has a little secret, Secure My Privacy was developed specifically for you to protect your privacy. Intuitive and easy to use. We do not like someone accidentally or intentionally to see our personal photos, videos, sound and other contents of the file, so there will be some Secure My Privacy --- photos, videos, audio, file encryption to provide you with protection! The best privacy management application for iPhone and iTouch, the UI design is simple and generous, to enter the set password to open the password lock. Support The New iPad retina display~
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Greek Alphabet

ScreenShot of Greek Alphabet by Maskl The whole Greek alphabet in one app.
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Network ID 1.0.1

ScreenShot of Network ID 1.0.1 by xtrymind plikasi android untuk mengetahui network yang digunakan beserta jenis networknya, dilengkapi dengan fitur untuk mengecek pulsa beberapa operator di Indonesia. Ditambah dengan widget, mengecek pulsa hanya sekali sentuh. Changelog - Versi 0.1 Beta Add network ID Add Network Name - Versi 0.2 Beta Add USSD cek pulsa Cek pulsa Telkomsel - Versi 0.3 Beta Penambahan Widget untuk cek pulsa Cek pulsa Indosat Cek pulsa 3 - Versi 1.0 Cek pulsa Axis Cek pulsa XL Cek pulsa Smart Cek pulsa Flexi Ganti icon launcher - Versi 1.0.1 Fix icon widget
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Private Camera

ScreenShot of Private Camera by ImpressWork Do you worry about your private photos or secret pictures on your phone? No worry anymore with PrivateCamera app!!! PrivateCamera app is a fully functional, high performance camera application with additional security features. It can directly take pictures and store them in a password secured album. All photos and password are individually encrypted by using enterprise-grade super Strong 512-bit AES encryption, so even if an intruder steals your phone and gets into the files, he still won't be able to see the pictures. Your photos are for your eyes only!!! A. Full-Feature Camera, it supports 1) 3 flash modes (auto flash/flash on/flash off) 2) 2 focus modes (AF - auto focus, MF - manual focus) 3) Multiple resolutions and 2 ratios (4:3 and 16:9) * depends on phone hardware's compatibility...
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