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  Added: 2012-11-06
License: Share
Platform: Android
     Size: 3.7 Mb

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 Vent Game 3: Slice photos 20121101 by A&A's Dream


Vent Game 3: Slice photos 20121101

Tired of how the shape of the cut are fixed earnest game
The real world exclusive real-time calculus cutter algorithm, as long as the hand fast enough
Items can be cut into hundreds of pieces of debris.
Unique only on Android to play, no fruit brand.
Need to consider the introduction of such pride.
Not money, direct download to try it,
Please do not fun to spit on the market,
Fun, then, do not mean to give me encouragement (five stars).
Mood is not right?
Ordered to shoot fast - you evil people and things,
Put your finger turned into a samurai sword,
Photos can be few thousand knives Wan, as long as your hand fast enough,
Crushed to make you hate the pictures.
Photos will be placed on the tablet PC, mobile phone, the screen, magazines, and newspapers, funny title, and exquisite 3C products,
Usually do not, they can now be bold chopped
Unique slow system, like a ninja super capacity of the general
Resorted to focus on specific features that make time slow down, brandished a knife and thundering
Accelerate the photo on the screen shattered.
Good luck, encounter seal system
Time completely stopped, so that items instantly chopped burst open.
Photos can be read through the camera or SD card data.
Strong drum rhythms, fast knife sound,
The more play the game the more blood.
Recent changes:
Fix Start Bug.

Vent Game 3: Slice photos 20121101 by A&A's Dream: ScreenShot #1 Vent Game 3: Slice photos 20121101 by A&A's Dream: ScreenShot #2

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