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  Added: 2012-11-07
License: Share
Platform: Android
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 the Bright 1.0.9 by beltheva


the Bright 1.0.9

Here is shrouded in darkness
There are many rooms
floor lamp panel
If can not put the light on all that,
can not get away from here
1. If you can turn on a light in every room,
you can get away from here.
2. The floor of each room, there are several light panels.
3. At the top, which shows how many times you can touch this.
All you need to turn on the light within this number.
4. Touch the light panel, which acts as follows.
If the lights are off, the lights will be lit.
If the lights are lit, the lights will be off.
5. Behaves the off or lit,
it's not only the light panels that is touched.
Top bottom and left right light panels behaves same.
the Bright is a puzzle game.
Simple rules, anyone can.
But every time the level rises, the game is difficult.
It is simple. Thoroughly understand the solution given. Could perhaps be solved by chance.
If you get past the first, please try to tap in an unusual way. Surely it should be cleared. When you saw one last touch will be a very exhilarating feeling.
Recent changes:
- OFFICIAL SITE link add.
- and Bug fix.
- Informatino -
New game [FeverFever!] is release!

the Bright 1.0.9 by beltheva: ScreenShot #1 the Bright 1.0.9 by beltheva: ScreenShot #2

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