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  Added: 2012-11-06
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 AES Detector with Map 2.2.4 by Kevin Choong


AES Detector with Map 2.2.4

This is an AES camera detector tool with interactive mapping features. It assists when you are on the go, by showing the surrounding cameras on map. Details of each camera can be shown with a single tap on them.
This app can also be configured to alert you when cameras detected, with both speech and beep sound.
A useful search function is there for you to locate a place by entering its latitude and longitude coordinates.
Under the Settings, there are few things you can configure:
-Turn On/Off Camera Following My Position
-Turn On/Off Satelite Map
-Turn On/Off Traffic Map
-Turn On/Off Speedometer
-Turn On/Off Beep when cameras detected
-Turn On/Off Speech when camera is < 1.5km away
-Switch between Portrait and Landscape mode (app restart needed)
As you know Malaysian government has started to roll out its Automated Enforcement System (AES). The full complement of 831 cameras will be up and running in 18 months from now, with the cameras set to be deployed in stages.
All published camera locations are included, which are:
-First 14 cameras in pilot stage
-All cameras in various states (peninsular, sabah & sarawak).
As all the camera coordinates are provided by JPJ, the accuracy is not guaranteed. So if you manage to find incorrect information (eg. missing/wrong camera placement), please report to I will rectify them asap. Other comments/suggestions are also welcome.
User Tips:
1)To enhance positioning, turn on
-GPS satelites
-Use wireless networks
-Use sensor aiding
2)Tap on each camera on map to view its details.
3)Tap on compass to pan map to your present location.
4)Turn off Satelite map for faster map retrieval.
5)Turn off GPS sensor when not using this app to save battery power.
Hopes this app will be useful to all Malaysian.
Keywords: AES, AES Map, AES Detector, Automatic Enforcement System, JPJ Malaysia, AES Malaysia.
Recent changes:
Release 2.2.4 - 01/11/2012
-Added portrait mode
-Fixed GPS dangling issue after program exits
-Optimised code activities to reduce battery consumption
Release 2.2.3 - 29/10/2012
-Added speedometer
-Improved camera detection accuracy
Release 2.2.2 - 23/10/2012
-Speech Alert now reminds driver when camera within 1.5 km.
-Sound and Speech alerts will not trigger when your position is stagnant.
-Added scrollbar to Settings dialog.

AES Detector with Map 2.2.4 by  Kevin Choong: ScreenShot #1 AES Detector with Map 2.2.4 by  Kevin Choong: ScreenShot #2 AES Detector with Map 2.2.4 by  Kevin Choong: ScreenShot #3 AES Detector with Map 2.2.4 by  Kevin Choong: ScreenShot #4

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