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  Added: 2012-10-23
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Platform: Android
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 Makkhi 1.0 by Kumakore


Makkhi 1.0

Take part in the ultimate revenge story.
Makkhi is the exciting companion game to the Bollywood movie of the same name. Makkhi is the Hindi version of the critically acclaimed Telugu film Eega by S.S. Rajamouli. Eega is the only Telugu film that has made it to the list of 18 films considered by the Film Federation of India for Oscar nominations in the “Best Foreign Language Film” category.
Makkhi tells the story of a man named Nani who is murdered by Sudeep, a womanizing industrialist trying to steal Nani’s love. Nani is reborn as a fly, Makkhi, to torment his murderer. This is the ultimate revenge story. Now you can assume role of the hero, Makkhi, and torment evil Sudeep.
In this game the shadows indicate where the swatters will be swatting. Avoid the swatters from hitting the fly and collect all twenty red points before the time runs out. Hope you have a good memory!
Key Features:
• Unique gameplay: shadows indicate where the swatter will land
• Game input: featuring both tap and drawing out a path to move the fly
• Changing face: the evil man’s face gets angrier as the fly collects more points
• References to the movie: different clips from the movie are shown for win/lose.
• Timed mode: Game lasts 60 seconds, allowing you to fit in a quick game into your busy schedule
Makkhi is “buzzing” in theaters. Interested in the movie? Visit the movie website:
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Makkhi 1.0 by Kumakore: ScreenShot #1 Makkhi 1.0 by Kumakore: ScreenShot #2 Makkhi 1.0 by Kumakore: ScreenShot #3 Makkhi 1.0 by Kumakore: ScreenShot #4

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