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  Added: 2012-11-04
License: Share
Platform: Windows Phone
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With OCRrer you can convert pictures of your text pages (yes, OCRrer is multi-page) to a TXT editable file that you can send by email.
OCRrer allows you to customize the recognition process and the resulting text by setting a serie of parameters.
- Document language: OCRrer will be more accurate and will assign more probability to the characters used by the specified language; actually you can choose from many languages (english, chinese simplified, danish, finnish, french, german, italian, japanese, polish, portoguese, russian, spanish, swedish, hindi) and different alphabets (latin, cyrillic, chinese, japanese, hindi).
- Picture: you can tune the brightness and contrast (the picture is converted to B/W to be faster and more accurate) and angle (the picture must be in a reading orientation) to help OCRrer to recognize the text. You can also crop a portion of the image to eliminate unwanted parts and improve OCRrer's speed and accurancy.
- Headers and footers: you can include page numbers and insert any text before and after the recognized text.
OCRrer preserves page breaks by adding a form feed at the end of every page (except the last), so that if you open your TXT file with an application that recognize form feeds (like Microsoft Word) you'll find the original document pagination.
You can preview the text extracted from the current page, modify settings and retry if you aren't enough satisfied, and send the entire TXT document by email.
OCRrer is certified to be 'Powered by Windows Azure'
In low memory devices documents are limited to 5 pages.
Trial version is limited to one page and will cut the recognized text to half his length
- rel. 3.3: optimized for WP7.5 (Mango) to take advantage of the fast app switching feature, minor bugs fixed
- rel. 3.4+3.5: tunings

OCRrer by ScreenShot #1 OCRrer by ScreenShot #2 OCRrer by ScreenShot #3 OCRrer by ScreenShot #4 OCRrer by ScreenShot #5 OCRrer by ScreenShot #6

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