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Battery HD+ Pro 2.27

ScreenShot of Battery HD+ Pro 2.27 by Santiago Lema This is the perfect battery monitor for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Because of its elegant design and simplicity this app has been downloaded over 14+ MILLION times so far ! Instantly know how many hours you have left for: - Listening to music - Watching video - Talking on the phone - Internet Browsing (WiFi or Edge/3G) - Standby - Time left to recharge - 2D and 3D Games - Reading books - GPS navigation - Video chat - Taking photos - Recording videos It can even alert you when the battery is fully charged and you can fine-tune your battery health level to get more accurate estimates. It works on all iPhone and iPod Touch devices, displaying the correct values for each one and is regularly updated as new devices come out. Note that battery life estimates are provided by the system in increments...
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Battery Alert! 1.0

ScreenShot of Battery Alert! 1.0 by Josh Pressnell Have you ever pulled your phone out of your pocket, only to find that you barely have any battery power left? Or even worse, your battery had died and you didn't notice, leaving phone calls and messages unanswered! Ease your mind with Battery Alert! Battery Alert is a simple app specifically designed to ensure you always know when your battery needs a little extra juice. When its warning threshold is met, it will play your chosen sound in the background, even if your device is doing something else or locked and in your pocket. When the alert threshold is met, the app will play your chosen alert notice, alerting you to recharge the device or it will shortly power off. If you have other requests for alert sounds to be included in the app, please feel free to email our support address! Features...
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Mobile Counter - 3G, WiFi 2.5.3

ScreenShot of Mobile Counter - 3G, WiFi 2.5.3 by Invent Venture Mobile Counter(3G, WiFi, network traffic) - application to count network data GSM/CDMA/WIFI Languages support: English, German, Slovak, Polish, Chinese, Romanian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Hungary, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia Calculation types: - Standard counting(default) - Enable/Disable rounding in blocks (e.g to 100KB for session) - Enable/Disable separately round outgoing and incoming transfer to block of data - Disable couting outgoing(sent) transfer Example calculation without blocks: Received 134 KB, sent 455 KB –> Will be saved 134+455=589 KB Example calculation with blocks of data: Basic carrier unit (block of data): 100 KB When disable separately rounding: Received 134 KB, sent 455 KB –> after disable mobile network in your phone will be saved: ...
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WiFinder 1.6.2

ScreenShot of WiFinder 1.6.2 by NITINKUMAR Overview: Nice and functional WiFi scanner Nice look WiFi scanner allows you to connect all wifi networks: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2. List of network contains channel, graphic level, encryption. Save/remove networks supported – Forget option. Auto Scan function. v1.6.1 - Fixed connection issues on some models v1.6 - Rebuild layout for all resolutions - Many bugs fixed v1.5 - Chinese language added v1.4 - German language added
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AutoBluetooth 1.7.0

ScreenShot of AutoBluetooth 1.7.0 by Massimiliano Fanciulli AutoBluetooth makes turning on/off bluetooth on your device automatic and easy. You just need to open the app, click on the "plus" icon and add a timer. AutoBluetooth will take care of enabling the bluetooth at the specified time and turning it off accordingly to the timer set. A shortcut button on the dashboard allows the user to quickly enable/disable the bluetooth with just one tap. The dashboard of the app will show all timer set. By clicking on one of them it is possible to modify it or delete it if needed. AutoBluetooth is capable of detecting is the device is connected and can wait for its disconnection before turning the bluetooth off. This is particularly useful when the device connects during a timer activity and remains connected after the specified time. AutoBluetooth...
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System Monitor 2.0

ScreenShot of System Monitor 2.0 by Denis Foca System Monitor™ is the ultimate application for monitoring and optimizing your device's performance. Runs on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. GENERAL FEATURES - Full iOS multitasking support - Universal binary - full support of all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models - Graphics optimized both for retina and older displays for pixel perfect graphics - Well-arranged user interface so the most frequently used information available immediately - Real time updates of the display every time the monitored parameters change - Detailed help MEMORY AND DISK MONITORING - System memory releasing - Real time memory usage monitoring - Graphical display of wired, active, inactive, and free memory - Pie chart and histogram mode - Detailed page statistics including page ins and outs - Used and free disk capacity...
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All About Me 1.2.0

ScreenShot of All About Me 1.2.0 by Massimiliano Fanciulli All About Me is your personal hub for your body measurement. With All About Me you can collect and store data on your mobile phone in a safe way. Data is not shared by default and it is only sent to external services (e.g. Runkeeper) if you set it up to do so. A backup and restore feature allows you to keep all tracked data safe. All About Me stores general measurements (e.g. water consumption), body measurements (e.g. cholesterol) and diabetes measurements. This is a full list of parameters tracked C peptide Calcium in blood Chromium in blood Creatine kinase CRP Diastolic rate Fasting plasma glucose Ferritin Folic acid in blood HDL cholesterol Hemoglobin A1C HSCRP Il6 Insulin LDL cholesterol Magnesium in blood Oral glucose tolerance Potassium in blood Random plasma glucose Resting...
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Data Usage 4.5.1

ScreenShot of Data Usage 4.5.1 by Kartik Patel Data Usage monitors cellular (3G/4G/LTE/Edge/GPRS) and Wi-Fi data usage real time from your device. Set data quota and billing cycle information and let Data Usage worry about making sure you don’t pay for overages again. App runs in background periodically, shows used, remaining or predicted % as application badge and sends you alert when you exceed specified usage level. With this most precise tool, you are always in control of data plan limit and save hundreds or thousands on data overages by investing just $1! Accolades: ★ #1 paid utility in UAE & Malaysia; top 10 paid utilities in Canada, U.K., Spain & Hong Kong; top 50 paid utilities in New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, United States, China, Mexico, Jordan & Dominican Republic and 50 other countries. ★ "...
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iDisplay 2.4.7

ScreenShot of iDisplay 2.4.7 by SHAPE Services From the developer of IM+. Turn your iPad/iPhone into convenient extension of your Mac or Windows desktop monitor. Increase productivity by maximizing the viewable area of your main monitor! Ideal for multi-tasking users, iDisplay lets you free the main monitor for work-related applications by moving some apps to the external display, shown on your iPad or iPhone. iDisplay can be used for IM, Twitter, weather gadgets, news gadgets, and other tools. ★iDisplay app turns your iPad or iPhone into secondary screen – too good to be true. That's... brilliant. I mean, I can think of about a billion uses for this.★ MobileCrunch ★Yet another reason to buy an iPad: iDisplay★ MobileWhack iDisplay is a universal app optimized specifically for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch screens and works...
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Battery Monitor Widget 2.4.5

ScreenShot of Battery Monitor Widget 2.4.5 by 3c *** PLEASE EMAIL ANY PROBLEMS/QUESTIONS/SUGGESTIONS, I WILL HELP YOU *** 60.000+ Galaxy S2 users and 60.000+ HTC users. The most complete tool to manage your battery: Shows historical data (%, mA, mW, mV and temperature), calculates estimated run-times and battery aging, helps calibrate battery, and improves your battery run-time. NB: - NOT all phones report accurate mA - Check app web-site for more information - The app displays the % remaining, voltage and temperature data reported by Android OS - HTC One X reports incorrect mA during standby, use mA corrections for better results - Android battery stats have nothing to do with % calculations == Pro version has all features unlocked and no ads == - Wide (2x1) and graphic (2x1, 3x1, 4x1) widgets - Export data to System Tuner Pro - Update...
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