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Smooth Clock

ScreenShot of Smooth Clock by SpeedyMarks Turn your device into a clock with a smoothly animated background. Features: - toggle between day and night mode - choose from 3 different animations - animate random, rainbow or gray colors - 3 different animation speeds - supports the 12 and 24 hour format
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Color Picker 7

ScreenShot of Color Picker 7 by Norbert Budincsevity Color Picker 7's purpose is to save the beautiful colors of the nature. The program uses the camera to identify colors and the program saves it on the phone. You can add the coordinates of the place where the picture was taken, but you can also turn this option off.
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Atmospheric Pressure

ScreenShot of Atmospheric Pressure by Alejandro122 Find the atmodpheric pressure of any place in the world.
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ScreenShot of IpCalculator by M@rcin Ip calculator that allows convert ip addres and subnet mask from binary to decimal form and from decimal to binary. Additionaly it allows to divide ip address to subnets showing its ip address , first and last host ip and broadcast address.
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Distance Conversion

ScreenShot of Distance Conversion by Shlomi Horovitz Convert Distance.
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How Old Am I

ScreenShot of How Old Am I by Natim Isn’t it great when people ask how old a baby is, the age is given in days, weeks or months. But then as people get older ages get described in half years, until eventually just years. Wouldn’t it be good to go back to weeks or even days? Shouldn’t being 10,000 days old be something you celebrate? Part of the problem is it’s quite hard to keep track of how many days or weeks old you are, particularly when you take into account leap years. Well this app is the answer, enter your date of birth and it will give you all the figures you want. Alternatively maybe you actually have a baby and keep losing track of how many weeks old he or she is. Then when people ask you, you feel a little stupid now knowing your new baby is 18 weeks old (the same length of time you haven&rsquo...
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Rescue Me

ScreenShot of Rescue Me by Michal Jankowski Program helps in emergency situations. You can define three actions: - screen blinking, - playing sound, - sending SMS with your geo-location. The first and second feature helps you to bring attention of other people. The last one informs trusted person that you need help and provides your geo-location.
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Simple Protractor

ScreenShot of Simple Protractor by Tala Use you phone as a protractor. Measure the angle between your phone and the horizontal line. Anytime you want to. Stop measuring to get some time to analyze the angle. Simple and easy.
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ScreenShot of Reaction_time by Eve89 With this app you can easily check your reaction time. Usually people have times between 0.2 - 0.25
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Digital Clock

ScreenShot of Digital Clock by JLamch Just another simple digital clock. Possibility to change clock color. Adjust clock brightness by sliding up and down, double tap to set max brightness. Portrait orientation short clock view, clock with seconds in landscape orientation.
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