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Loved One

ScreenShot of Loved One by Acuerdo Consultancy Never forget special dates with this application. Just click on the special anniversary and a reminder will be shown at that date.
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Plastic Alarm Clock

ScreenShot of Plastic Alarm Clock by RJMenterprizes Plastic Alarm Clock is an analog clock with translucent hands. AM and PM time is display in upper right and alarm status is displayed in upper left of display. Alarm can be toggled on or off with a single button. Alarm is set on separate page with tumbler style selector. Also this page will display the current alarm setting if set. Clock is displayed in portrait or landscape.
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ScreenShot of KinematicsCalc by Pwnkothari Kinematics Calculator Calculate Distace, Velocity, Time, acceleration
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ScreenShot of Orientation by Bartlomiej Ulatowski This application show you your phone orientation level.
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ScreenShot of PixelTV by Stiml PixelTV it is a simple movie maker! PixelTV allows you to create fun movie in your hand. Express yourself in 108 pixels and 24 colors and share a movie with the world! Create your own pixel TV. What's new in version 1.2: - More colors! - Saving movies locally on phone - "My movies" section - New category "Featured" - Onion skin option - Tapping on the pixel again removes it Version 1.1: - big colorpicker buttons (in "Create movie" section); - movie Categories: new, most liked. ★★★★★ Your 5 star reviews help us to improve this app and release updates. Follow us:
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How to tie a tie

ScreenShot of How to tie a tie by DachuDEV Learn how to ease tie a tie. App includes ilustrated guide and VIDEO "How to tie a tie" for most popular nodes. Every tie has got full description: type of collar and most suitable occasions. None of the other app doesn't have VIDEO tutorial:) ------ v 1.1 trial version added
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ScreenShot of Cryp2pass by Holger Besdin *** Update for Windows Phone 7.5 *** *** Please make a backup of your existing Cryp2pass database before you update from version 1.x to 2.x *** The first two way password manager for smartphones. Cryp2pass does manage your passwords for your accounts, wallets and more. But you don't have to save all your passwords in the database. You only need to remind two passwords, one for unlocking the app and one masterpassword to generate the passwords on the fly for your accounts. Cryp2pass is using AES256 for saving your data and SHA256 algorythms to generate the passwords. Of course it also is possible to save your passwords in the database if you need it. You can backup the encrypted database to your Windows Computer and restore it to your device. 10 predifined templates. You can extend them and...
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Tasks Arranger

ScreenShot of Tasks Arranger by JSC Softkey Get real help in daily task flow arrangement. Spend your precious time on doing essential things first, not messing it up. Main features: - Clear upcoming tasks management o Fast tasks creating and editing o Restoring of done tasks o Clearing up of done tasks o Full Windows Phone theme support o Landscape and Portrait modes support - Brand New priority system o 3 priority levels o Quick prioritizing by dragging o Priority tasks ordering - Quick tasking with fun o Possibility of choosing an icon for each task o More than 250 unique icons o Icons of different categories and lifestyles - Feedback-based updates o Each update is based on Your feedback and Your offers Upcoming features: - Sync with Gmail and Outlook (coming soon) - Live Tiles (coming soon) Created by Moiden
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ScreenShot of SleepMaster by APPA Mundi Ltd SleepMaster is a sleep monitoring and wake up alarm clock application. SleepMaster records your movements during your sleep cycles and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase. With the help of built in accelerometer SleepMaster can detect very gentle movements without false detection thanks to the sensitivity settings. You can also visualize your sleep cycles on charts and view your sleep statistics. NEW: Integrated Sleep Relax (Sleep Timer) function with four professional atmospheres (Sea, River, Rain, City) to help you fall asleep. Put your phone on charger, place it near to your pillow and leave the rest on SleepMaster! - Records and saves your sleep data (in every minute) - Detailed sleep chart and sleep statistics - Automatically fades the screen to black in Alarm Mode - You can check...
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