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ScreenShot of trackr by Phil Winkel trackr allows you to easily track how you're spending your time. It was designed to be quick to set up, and effortless to use. To get started, add tasks that you want to track. Switch the task ON when you begin, and switch the task OFF when you're done. You can enter a comment for each task. Manual entry is supported so, you can go back to edit each record if necessary. Billable hours are supported also; enter your rate per hour and trackr will calculate the total amount billable. Once you've used trackr to record some data, you can select a time frame (such as today, yesterday, last week, etc) and then export the data as text. You can also view your data as a pie chart, allowing you to easily see a summary of how you're spending your time (and optionally save the graph as an image on your...
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Police Lights

ScreenShot of Police Lights by Brandon A. Stecklein Simulate Police Lights on your phone! This app is pretty straightforward, alternating blue and red lights to simulate a police light effect. Think of all the possibilities! You are an officer of the law and the bad guy is getting away, but all of a sudden, the police lights on your car quit working! What to do? Suddenly you pull out your Windows Phone and open up the Police Lights app, throw your phone up on top of your car, and the chase is on. Stop criminals! Impress your friends! Get the girl! All is possible when you download Police Lights!
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My Plans

ScreenShot of My Plans by Yalla Apps Developed by zayen_ramzi A very simple animated application that allows users to manage their tasks for the current week.
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ScreenShot of TileClock by wp7kpr TileClock will enable a flip clock on your home screen using two live tiles. Pin TileClock to the home screen, open it and enable it. Once enabled the second tile will show. Position the two tiles to the positions you like best. TileClock uses a background task to update the tiles and therefore is not extremely accurate, but yet accurate enough for a quick glance at the time. Remember that running background tasks will use extra battery power.
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ScreenShot of SimpleFlashlight by Maria Furmanek Simple flashligh - darkness is not a problem anymore.
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EZ Timer

ScreenShot of EZ Timer by BlazingApps Need to quickly time something? Lost the timer for a game and need a simple replacement? Need to cook an egg for the perfect amount of time? EZ Timer is simple, fast and effective at counting down time from a few seconds to a few hours - it will remind you no matter what happens!
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ScreenShot of Multitasks by Pushkar Gupta Here you can perform different tasks like- 1.opening an Email 2.Searching on map 3.Browsing *While searching you can see results for the web,,local and images
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Cool Remote

ScreenShot of Cool Remote by JSH Studio Cool Remote allows you to fully control your PC over network. Your phone can act as wireless mouse (trackpad), keyboard and remote monitor. Fully support Windows 7, Vista, Windows 2008, Windows XP, and Windows 2003. (32bit/64bit) Key features: * Mouse and keyboard work great to control your PC, even work within Windows UAC window and login window. * You will get stardard PC keyboard support from your phone including ctrl, alt, shift, tab, esc, win, fn, home, end, arrow and other special keys. * Remote view allows you to watch and control your PC desktop from your phone touch screen, and switch between your multi-monitors. * Supports security connect. * Supports two fingers zooming in remote view. * Supports mouse & keyboard control in remote view. * Supports landscape view. * Supports...
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ScreenShot of The_Nerd_Language by Galileo Do you know the nerd language?! This app converts a message into bits, so you can talk to your friends in 1s and 0s!
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Surface Detector

ScreenShot of Surface Detector by Yalla Apps Developed by har103 Surface Detector is developed by TSHOP Surface Detector is a tool to detect the elevation of the surface on which the mobile is placed. After Starting the application. Place the Mobile/Device on any surface. the software will detect from where the surface it high or low, the application will display balanced if the surface is balance.
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