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ScreenShot of Alarm_Clock by majdan1303 "Alarm Clock" is used to recall about the events which we don't want to forget. You can set the frequency of recall.
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ScreenShot of EasterDate by benzyniarz1 Have you ever wonder when the Easter will take place in specified year? Now you can check that yourself. Type just a year and you get the date of the Easter in given year. It's so simply.
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Base To Decimal

ScreenShot of Base To Decimal by iotaDEV A simple, light weight and polished app for your conversion needs. Despite the name, it also converts from decimal to base. Works with bases of 2,8 or 16.
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HoneyDo List

ScreenShot of HoneyDo List by Faceted Worlds, LLC Work better together as a family. Keep your todo lists in sync between phones. She can add items from home, and he will see them on his phone while he's at the store. Just point one phone's camera at another phone's screen and slide your lists back and forth to link up.
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RGB Mixer

ScreenShot of RGB Mixer by mitman Fast check what color you get by R,G and B values. Or get random one.
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Armageddon 2012

ScreenShot of Armageddon 2012 by Tadhg O'Flaherty Armageddon 2012 is inspired by the Mayan civilization, who's Long Count Calendar ends on 21st December 2012. Many conspiracies and theories abound about this date, most of which point to the end of mankind. This little app will countdown to 11:11am(GMT) 21st December 2012. There is also several links about some of the theories surrounding this date.
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Baby Time

ScreenShot of Baby Time by M2E Solutions, LLC Baby Time describes the weekly progress that your baby is making before he or she is born. Based on your start-date or due-date, it will tell you what is happening this week (from weeks 5 through 40) and you can also look back or look ahead at other weeks through your pregnancy. Weight and length is given in US (inches and ounces) and International measurements (centimeters and grams). Version 1.2 includes support for earlier weeks (starting at 5) and better UI experience.
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Metronome Pro

ScreenShot of Metronome Pro by Tomasz Wiƛniewski This is the best metronome in Marketplace! Very accurate, userfriendly, with beautiful UI. Features: - tempo 20 - 250 - different time signatures - few rhythms - emphasis of first beat - many different percussion sounds - starting metronome on app start - saving settings so you don't have to set them manually every time, you can just load them when you need - working under locked screen - disabling screen locking - volume adjustment Trial is full featured, no limits! Paid version has no ads.
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Bubble Level

ScreenShot of Bubble Level by Carassius Simple spirit level using accelerometer. Perfect to quickly measure angle of slope.
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ScreenShot of Notatnik by MarcinPUT Software for taking notes.
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