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Push-up Trainer

ScreenShot of Push-up Trainer by Mantra Software This app is used to count how many push-ups you can do. You use this app , by first choosing the speed at which you want to workout (slow , normal or fast). The app will then sound a beep each time you need to do a push up, helping you keep a good steady rhythm. This app also displays the number of pushups you have completed.
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ScreenShot of VolumeConverter by bethanasamy It is a volume convertor app which can be used to convert gallons to liter.
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ScreenShot of AccStroLight by Fat Milk This application use accelerometer to change color of screen. It contains functions such as strobe light and colorful torch.
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Hab's Post it

ScreenShot of Hab's Post it by Group1CDT224 Often you just need to scribble some word down, or maybe draw a simple explanation for someone, but you have no paper or pen. With this app you have a Post it note wherever you go! You can even save the note to your Saved Pictures for later viewing.
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Lunar Calendar

ScreenShot of Lunar Calendar by basquang Lunar Calendar is a simple application to manage your appointments base on Windows Live Calendar. The application features include: - View all your WL events (WP 7 Live calendar) based on Lunar Date with lunar suggestions - Create event to WL Calendar directly from application. - User can choose Lunar Date Picker instead of Solar Date Picker. - User can set recurrence base on lunar month and year. Number of recurrence will be 12 by default NOTE: You have to wait your phone to be synced with live calendar before viewing your newly item created from application. note: The main application language is in Vietnamese
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ScreenShot of LockNote by JSC Softkey LockNote is an application, that will help you to store your notes, as unprotected ones, as well as protected by password ones. Features: - Keeping, creation, editing and deleting unprotected and protected by password notes. - Search notes by its content, depending on what kind of notes you are able to see. - Managing tags of the notes, for easier navigation and managing notes topics. Developer - Eugene Kirian
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ScreenShot of BusAlarm by HWR Want to sleep on the bus but worry you might miss your stop? Worry no more! BusAlarm uses your GPS to track your location and wakes you up when you're getting close to your stop. Runs under locked screen and needs access to location info.
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ScreenShot of YesOrNo by Emahl Do you need an answer that you dont want to answer yourself? Let the application decide. Yes or no?
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Countdown sec

ScreenShot of Countdown sec by kwiatoslaw21 Do you want to know what is number of sec to event? And have a effective coundown? e.g. new year's day?
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ISBN Converter

ScreenShot of ISBN Converter by iotaDEV As of January 1st, 2007, books are identified with a 13 digit ISBN. Before this date books were identified with a 10-digit number which can be converted into the new identifier using this tool. If you for some reason need the old ISBN from a new 13-digit identifier, this app can do that too.
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